Kumkum Bhagya today Jan the 24 full episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, you guys are watching Ranveer find out that Shekhar's life is in danger, why is Aaliya talking to Riya, I have to do anything to save my son Shekhar. . I broke the car because that car won't stop anywhere now. I have to do nothing to save my son. You will look stubborn but Ranveer will tell Prachi you won't go with.

 me why can't I take you with me but Prachi ignores Ranveer's words and doesn't understand Ranveer. Yes, friends, Ranveer will be seen taking Prachi with him and Riya is also going to find out from the world tour why Riya doesn't like to see Prachi with Ranveer, so she says to Alia that you will take the car, we too. Prachi.

 and Ranveer follow I also have to go to Ranveer and anyway we are going to Shekhar and Ranveer has also followed Shekhar, he will not go away after seeing Alia Riya's words to her son Shekhar. Aap Logon will be seen going back and Vikram is also going to find out from the world travel. Why is Shikhar's.

 Aaliya telling Palvi that the car in which Shekhar was broken has not been used to repair the car. I had sent him, but he has taken Shekhar's car from the street. Yes, friends, Pallavi is now telling Ranveer's father Vikram. It will be seen that as soon as you guys will listen to the words of Vikram's father Pallavi, Ranveer's.

father Vikram will also tell Shekhar. They love and consider Shekhar

as their son, so Vikram is going to follow Shekhar with his mother Dayan and Pallavi. You will see very soon, Gudi says stop but to Shekhar she doesn't stop the car and says to Siddharth the car is not stopping.

 then Siddharth tells Shekhar the truth about his mother Aaliya and says to Shekhar I think you are from me. Why didn't Hari introduce me to my excuse Meghna but I don't know why she is doing all this I think she wants to kill me that's why she has to break this car.

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