Kumkum Bhagya today 24 th Jan full episode hd


In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you guys are going to see when Ranveer is having a crush on Prachi even then Riya is feeling a lot of irritation seeing Ranveer having Prachi's crush because Ranveer and Prachi keep writing to each other Riya feels  Ranveer is doing Prachi's tariq which

makes Prachi very happy so Riya goes to Pallavi and says Ush you.

 come with me I want to see something for you take Pallavi Riya says to Pallavi look Prachi  Kei is going to get married to Siddharth but Prachi is romancing with Ranveer what is this Prachi jati why is Ranveer talking on live Prachi is not wanted by our fans ko bhi apne bete ranveer per kafi gussa aane wala  hai aane wale episode mein.

 aap log dekhenge When Pallavi invites Ranveer to her room, Ranveer refuses his mother to go to Pallavi's room which makes Prachi feel big and tells Ranveer to listen to his mother.  She wants to tell you something. Yes, friends, Ranveer listened to his wife Prachi and listened to his mother.  As soon as Ranveer is with his mother, Pallavi says to Ranveer, what.

 am I looking at?  It has passed time and Prachi lied to you, why don't you understand that Prachi is becoming Siddharth's wife, not yours, and what do you want to do with all this? Yes, friend Ranveer, listen to me.  It will be seen reacting as soon as Siddharth interacts in Kohli's house and will show Ranveer arguing with Siddharth in.

which Ranveer will say to Siddharth how dare you come back to me and Prachi Bahu in your life.  Coming home, Prachi has taken away all our happiness from us. Seeing Ranveer raising his hands on Siddharth, Ranveer will say to Ranveer, what has happened to you?  Will appear to you guys and will say to Siddharth, forgive me, I didn't want to come between you, I forgot that I am nothing for Prachi anymore.

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