Kumkum Bhagya today 25 th Jan episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Riya tries to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer saying that I have to do anything to get rid of this don.  Se Dur karna Hoga Prachi says I have to go to my friend's house, Prachi says my friend has called me, he has invited us, so I will

be there per Jaan Hoga Se Pallavi, your story, take Ranveer with you.

 too, Ranveer too, Prachi.  gets ready to go with Prachi and Ranveer Don are very happy Riya is upset seeing this Riya says she is always Prachi's daughter Prachi goes Ranveer also follows her Riya starts crying  Riya says I can't bear this. Riya says now I have to remove their don. Riya says I used to always try to tease.

 Prachi and Prachi always scolded Ranveer.  I used to save Riya and say that this time I don't want to hurt Prachi, but I want to do something with Ranveer too.  And Ranveer Bacha Lahithai hai in the writing of Bar Doon doing something like that in the music of both of them, a Jai ​​Riya says that I was just trying to get Ranveer, I always love Ranveer more than ever.  Nee.

 meri pyar se baat nahi mani se now I have to do something with Ranveer also they are going to Doon so Riya is making a ship Riya says to kill them both what do I want to do with Doon.  It's okay, both of them are going together, so Riya calls some gangsters. Riya UN gives money to the.

 gangsters and gets it done.  So she listens to the dirty Riya and they do what Riya says. Riya eats them now that they are both out of the house, then those rascals also follow Gari's use.  They are chasing and they hit their gri and they have a car accident and the whole gri is on fire.  UNDON.

 is very small, so they all go to the gym, they take UNDON to the hospital, Prachi regains consciousness, Prachi is now exhausted from Khatre, all the family members also go to the hospital.  Vali is worried but Ranveer is in a coma. The doctor says.

that he is too far behind. The doctor says that it is very difficult for him to survive. Everyone in the house gets worried by Ranveer's voice. They talk to Prachi.  .  They are hot now, now they are springing from Khatre. Ranveer is in a lot of trouble. Riya says that I wanted to get them.

 two numbers but it happened.  Zavar Ranveer would have tried to save Prachi and would have saved Prachi and would have fallen in love with himself. Riya says I don't know why Ranveer is so obsessed with Prachi that he would even give his life for her.  Everyone in the house is praying for Ranveer. Ranveer is in coma. Prachi is very disturbed by Ranveer's voice. Prachi regains consciousness.  Someone had 

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