Kumkum Bhagya today th 23 Jan full Episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai K Riya Himisha tries to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don, she always keeps burning one way or the other, she always fails in her intentions.  Riya starts thinking about leaving the house, Riya says what do you want me to do, Riya says

I will be successful in my intentions, I will be successful.  Riya says.

 that I should go to Aaliya and ask her if there is an FIR, what should I do? Riya goes to Aaliya and she goes to Aaliya.  We have to do something to remove these two. Riya says to Alia that this time our plan should not fail. Riya says to Alia that we always fail in our plan but Hai Baar Hamin Kuch Hoga Esa Ji Sab.  Aaliya asks the.

 family to let Prachi out of the house on their own. Even then Aaliya says that we have to do something. An idea comes to Aaliya's mind. Aaliya says to Riya that you are the same as me.  She says you stole Pallavi's jewelery from Pallavi's room at night. Aaliya says we will.

 put that jewelery in Prachi's bag.  So Prachi will be a thief and everyone will consider Prachi as a thief and they will not ask for Prachi, they are jewels, then Pallavi will scold Prachi with all the family members and she will leave Prachi from the house.  Aaliya and Riya say this is.

 a real opportunity, Ranveer is not to save Prachi, we will take full sacrifice for this opportunity.  And now we will continue doing Prachi Hai Alwa. When Ranveer is not there, no one will be able to save Prachi. Rhea takes the jewels from Pallavi's room.  When they look, they don't find it, Pallavi also makes a lot of noise.

 Pallavi tells all the family members that they can't find my jewelry. Someone has stolen my jewelry. Prachi says to Pallavi who will steal your jewelry.  Hai Zeor will be in your work, you will find it there, try to see. Pallavi says no, I tried to search, but still not getting it.  that I.  Be in the room Pallavi says who can do this.

 in the house, it won't happen in anyone's room Riya says it may be in someone's room, we want to have a child.  Pallavi sees in everyone's work. When Pallavi looks in Prachi's room, there are jewels in Prachi's bag. Pallavi takes the jewels from Prachi's bag. Pallavi Prachi gives it to me.  She says these jewels are found in.

your bag. Prachi gets very surprised. Prachi says how can all this happen.  Kiseyeya Riya says that you all have not forgotten so much, you all have seen everything with your own eyes, but still you are not saying anything.  This means Prachi has not stolen the jewels either. Rhea tells Pallavi that otherwise you would have thought that the jewels were hidden in.

 Prachi's bag and Prachi would have kept those jewels in her own bag. Prachi will say that Ranveer is not there.  Yah Chijen Utha Lun Chori kar Lo is Ghar Se Chali Jaaun Riya Sab Gharwalon Ko Prachi ke Khilaf Kar Rahi Hoti Hai Riya Kahati Hai Ki Prachi Ne Yah Sab Kuchh Janbujhkar hi Kiya Hai Pallavi Pahle Bahle Nayakar tells Riya that Prachi can't do this.  Why.

 would Prachi do this, but Riya starts talking to Prachi in the nude and Pallavi hears Riya's words one by one. Pallavi also makes fun of Prachi.  She gets upset and says to Prachi that now you are here, there is no work in the house, you are here, leave the house, you are not fit to stay in the house, give it all.  We are successful in our plan. Prachi starts crying. Prachi says I didn't do this. I am not a thief.  I don't know whose work 

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