Kumkum Bhagya today 27 October full episode hd

Kumkum Bhagya today 27 October Episode.

 In Kumkum Bhagya, you guys are going to see that Pallavi is going to be very angry with Rhea. Why do you friends leave Ranveer and Rhea grows up with Alia and Ranveer spends his time with Karachi?  Why does Ranveer put the Pallavi today with Prachi, then his voice.

 is Riya, why does Riya not care about Ranveer, so Ranveer goes to Prachi's crib, but the Pallavi will be written by Ranveer.  In Digi and upcoming episode you will see Pallavi says to Aryan, I have to talk to Riya, you forget Riya, you guys, Aryan.

 goes to Riya and says to Riya, you have to talk to your mother.  Also, Riya says to Aryan you go, I am a Rahi, but Aryan further tells Riya, I will go to you, but Pallavi's anger

doesn't go away.  Seen together from the tab, Pallavi.

 is behaving very badly, from which Sankar Riya will be seen quite nervous.  Rahi hai then Aaliya says to Riya, I don't dare to worry, Pallavi won't say anything to you, you just listen quietly to what Pallavi says to you, it is not Ali to.

 answer.  Yes, it can't be because I am not Prachi from whom I can win anything, so I don't answer you.  Oh, I called you and no one told you FIR, what are you doing here, I have to talk to Riya alone, please, Aaliya, go, yes, friends.  To take  Yes, you can.

 give it to me if you want to decorate it, but don't ask her to leave Alia from here, because I am taking Alia by myself and I am from you.  Yes, there are many logs in the house too, but I rely only on Aaliya.  Where are you moving because Ranveer is having a romance with Prachi and you don't even care 

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