Kumkum Bhagya today 19 jan full Episode HD

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV, Ranveer has called the police. Yes, in the Dostoone Wale episode, you will see that Ranveer is very distant from his family. Why will Ranveer be seen calling the bad police to save Prachi?  Who is doing all this? Who is behind Prachi? Ranveer wants to use it with everyone. Yes, friends, Pallavi.

 is now suspicious of Alia because she brings the dupatta with Alia.  What was the line order, but I don't even remember where I ordered it from? Yes, friends, Riya is also very nervous now seeing Pallavi with her because Pallavi has spoken to Arya.  Because Ranveer has.

 called the police and very soon the police will also come Neha friends the police will be shown to you guys in Koli Ghar why does Ranveer want to do the real culprit.  You will not be able to bring it in front of the people, but you have to tell us in the comment section why.

 here Siddharth also has his truth.  There is going to be a chance for a twist because Siddharth is also now home to his words.  You guys will be shown why Siddharth can't see Prachi and Ranveer away from each other now. Yes guys, Siddharth will be seen opening his mouth.  And she says to Siddharth that anything else I.

will kill your sister Meghna forever FIR you are the

owner of Siddharth ji friends Siddharth listen to Aaliya and go home to shut your mouth.  .  Siddharth gets suspicious because Siddharth has told half of his truth, but Siddharth gets scared on Aaliya's request, then the police say to Siddharth that you have no..

 need to be afraid, whatever you have to say, say it clearly, we will say goodbye to you.  Hey, nothing will happen to you, Suhana says to Siddharth, shut up and keep your mouth band. You know your sister Meghna is with Ali. One mistake will kill Meghna. Yes, friends, see Suhana.  Takes when Suhana is talking to Siddharth as Aryan is already suspicious of Suhana.

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