Kumkum Bhagya today 28 th Oct full episode online HD

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you will see the police have finished their work yes haan friends use the police have reached the retailer where Aaliya made that dupatta for Prachi yes dostoone wale episode planning in advance Bihar stays with me from the room when the police.

 asks Alia if there was any problem with the dupatta you gave to Prachi, then Alia will tell the police that I did not give any dupatta to Prachi but I gave the dupatta to Prachi. The dupatta has not reached Prachi yet. Friends, Sabi Koli family is enough to listen to Alia's talk. He is saying.

 that Aaliya did not give any dupatta to Prachi. Friends, even then Prachi will tell the police. Riya is lying. She did not give Riya to me. And Ranveer will also be seen supporting Prachi, why do you guys love Prachi so much and Prachi.

  I have already told you that whenever I take care of you, you will stop talking to me. Why don't you? Yes, friends, Prachi likes Ranveer's words. and says to Pallavi this is both husband and you guys should keep both happy they don't take.

 care of you even then Prachi says to the police let me say something in your mother's nakedness Pallavi cares for me a lot yes friends Which will make Sankar Pallavi feel good and Vikram will look at Pallavi and say look I don't know.

 you hate Prachi you like Riya yes guys now Balveer will also feel Prachi naked. And from the second trip, Aaliya has been arrested by the police. Why do the police have a big problem with you? Tha and Siddharth will also be seen taking Alikh's Truth to the Police Bacha.

 Hai along with Aap Logon, but Aaliya will be seen refusing to go with the police. Hi will give you people but the police will ask Aaliya to go quietly with us or else Aryan will see his mother arrested because Aryan loves his mother Aaliya very much.

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