Kumkum Bhagya today 29 Oct full Episode HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Riya tries to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don.  Riya starts thinking that Ranveer himself will send Prachi out of the house. Riya says what should I do? Riya says that whatever I try to do, it doesn't always backfire.  I also try to do something to Prachi. Always Prachi gets saved. Riya says that Ranveer


 saves Prachi. Riya says I have to do something. Riya says it's difficult. Riya says even Pallavi.  Ranveer's husband Pallavi falls ill and his condition is very bad.  She sees that Riya misses her very much. Riya says that she is still missing Prachi as Ranveer is her son.  So they go back and forth to the house. Prachi.

 keeps the medicine in Pallavi's room. That medicine is very good for Pallavi. Prachi claims that Pallavi is not in her work either.  Riya who changes the medicine Riya who claims can kill Pallavi Prachi doesn't know Prachi's invitation is the medicine Pallavi  When Ranveer sees this condition of Pallavi, Ranveer says that.

 what happened to them, they have been there since some time ago.  Riya says that now Prachi has given them medicine and their condition has deteriorated due to hearing these claims.  Prachi says that I have given the medicine that the doctor invited, now I don't know why his health has worsened due to the claim of use.  Riya says to Prachi, have you.

 gone crazy, what invitation are you giving them, they can even take their lives, it happens to be Ranveer Gosa Ran.  Riya says see what claim I have. Ranveer also sees a lot of medicine. Ranveer Prachi singh is Raj. Ranveer says Prachi says what are you doing.  I will never forgive you from Gaya. Pallavi's condition worsens. Ranveer gets Prachi's teeth. Ranveer listens.

 to Prachi.  It is said that Ranveer and Prachi are like this. Prachi starts crying. Prachi says that I have not done anything. Prachi says why am I going to take his life.  If I love them, then who can I do this, even then Riya says that you have given these claims and you have ignored these claims, I have tried to take their.

 lives from you.  Ranveer again takes his mother to the hospital, but the doctor says that her condition has worsened due to taking this medicine.  Ranveer says to Prachi that now I don't even want to see your face. Ranveer says to Prachi that I will never forgive you for what you did today.  Parchi is happening.

 and I have not done anything. Everyone in the house and Ranveer do not agree with our words.  I love, if someone thinks like this in my naked mind, I will never use Chowranga. Ranveer is happy to see Prachi.  Riya says now I don't have any tension. Riya says now I have left Prachi.


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