Kumkum Bhagya today full Episode hd

Kumkum Bhagya today 29 th October full Episode HD.

 In the story of the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV, you guys are going to see Riya's every plan fail.  .  Again and again, Ranveer saved Prachi from Riya's dangerous plane, why did Alia want to, along with Siddharth, I will kill Riya too, FIR, there will be no one to trouble us.  To stop.  So, I will give Prachi.

 your life forever. Yes, friends, Alia is not doing anything, but Ranveer will be seen doing everything.  Friends, his mother Pallavi will also be seen supporting Prachi because Vikram has told Pallavi that if you hurt me even a little, I will never forgive you because my happiness.

 is my son Ranveer, but I will never give my son Ranveer any pain.  I want to look happy now because I want to be a good father and wife and a good husband.  I understand your behavior but you never understand Ranveer Ranveer's happiness is with Prachi but you are forcing him to stay.

 with Riya Jee Haan dostoon hai Pallavi Ranveer and Prachi not about Ali's marriage Sabi Koli Ghar  There is a chaka with Wale as Sankar sees Vikram Aaliya narrating a lot.  She is the best mother in the world, but Aryan will look sad enough to know the truth of her mother.  mom.

 se bahut pyar hai lekin kya fayda tumhari mom ne Jo Kuchh Bhi Kiya Ham Tumhen Kabhi Bhi Nahin Sunaenge Aryan Khud Ko sambhalo Tum Ekche Insan Ho Ji han Doston Dinan Bhi Sab Plakar Maviine So from the first day I said that Alia is not good.  You didn't believe.

 my words. If you had accepted my words, Pallavi today, we would not have seen this day. Yes, friends, Vikram will also appear with you.  She kept telling me that this is not Riya and Aaliya don thik, but we didn't agree to see it.

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