Kumkum Bhagya Today 30 Oct full episode online hd

 The story of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV is going to be quite interesting in which you guys will see when Aaliya's truth comes with everyone tab Aaliya gets very angry and Sibi Kohli gets used to the housemates

in the trailer. When she goes, use it and says, "Please tell me, you.

 lie. Why didn't I do it all? And you are good, you are heaven. The real culprit of Prachi is someone else, not me. Yes, the police are suspicious of Aaliya, but the trailer of Prachi." Ka dupatta banta hai will show you logon lying to the police.

 because he is now going to take Pallavi's name which Pallavi seems to be getting quite fond of why you guys like Vikram are the retailers using Sonega. Sometimes Vikram doesn't think about it. And they will say to the police that he is.

 telling a lie because my Pallavi can never do this. He loves Ranveer for his family. This friend will also be seen supporting Ranveer to protect the honor of his family. Why

did Prachi join hands with AB police and apologize in front.

 of police. It is a family matter, we will solve it ourselves. You guys can go please. Yes, friends, the police will be seen going to the house. She leaves, yes, friends, to which Prachi will be seen apologizing to Pallavi and will say to Pallavi, "Please, I'm a fool.

 of the police, because all this was done by Ranveer, because Ranveer called the police, I'm not the police here." If you want to write Ranveer's Gsta Jannat, yes, friends, Pallavi will tell Prachi not to talk to you, please go and I have already.

 had enough of your people's voices to relax me, friends, Alli goes to her room. People, why Aaliya has rung the police and Aaliya says to Riya, Riya, you go to Pallavi, why is it time for Pallavi, you have courage, you go, support Pallavi, whatever happened today, all happened with.

 Prachi's voice Prachi Mahfooz also hates Rahi like this, then you will be in Ranveer's life, otherwise Prachi will push you out of Ranveer's life. Before agreeing. It's going to be a Pallavi form and you guys will see it very soon

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