Kundali Bhagya January 31 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Ha Hai Riya wants to get rid of Himisha Prachi and Ranveer don Riya says that Ranveer is mine and I am going to get Ranveer Riya says that Ranveer Himisha loves Prachi Prachi Yah Janna Hoga Ki Ranveer  Kya Mujhe Bhi Pasand Karta Hai Riya Khati Hai Ki Mujhe Yah Janna Hoga Ki Ranveer Kya Mere Sath Bhi.

 Rahana Chahta Hai Riya Khati Hai Kya Main Yah Sab Kuchh Kaise Karo Riya Sochne Lab Jayati Hai comes Riya calls some goons Riya UN  Riya does this by giving money to the goons. Riya tells the UN goons that you guys don't have to come to my house and attack us all. Riya.

 says that you have to try first.  Riya is doing all this for the sake of Riya says that when they come to kill me, even if Ranveer will get AR to take me and get UN goons for me.  Riya says I understand, Ranveer still likes me. Riya calls the goons with the entire plane.  They go to the house, they.

 are on us, the goons lock everyone up, all the family members are very scared, all the family members are very worried, they say to the goons that we will give the people whatever they want, do you want money from the people?  The people will give him money if they want. They are.

 dirty people.  Prachi is also very scared.  Even then Par secretly says that why am I tied to people? Being a band. When Ranveer is tied, who will he marry me? On Riya's request, those goons open up all the people, even then they eat goons. Mere hum pra ki hum pra.  Prachi starts.

 thinking that these goons know Riya's name. Prachi says to Gundon that you guys know her name.  Hoth starts talking Prachi what happened to Riya, we are all in trouble and still you are watching these things, Riya ends it by killing anyone, they are going to shoot Riya even.

then Ranveer.  Ranveer goes ahead of Riya and shouts to him that I will not die from you, if you want to kill me, then die from me.  Khati meets me but also pys Riya eats I am very happy to see all

this. Ranveer starts beating the goons. All the family members are beating the goons. Ranveer calls the police when  Riya doesn't know.

 that she has called the policeman so Riya gets very upset Riya says if these goons go to Pakre they will take my name Riya says I won't let this happen Riya says I need something.  So I have to do anything I have to run away from these goons Riya starts thinking Riya says what should I do, still Riya takes a trip that makes everyone in the house faint.  All the family.

 members run away from there. When all the family members come to their senses, they see that there are no goons there. All the family members are very worried. Riya is very happy.  I have to work ati hai sema ki tara yeh hai bar bach jai hai Riya is very happy

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