Kundali Bhagya today episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, it happens that Shirley is lying to all the family that she is pregnant. Preeta comes to know that Shirley has not changed yet.  Preeta sees Prithvi and Charleen together. Charleen doesn't know that Preeta has got to know her naked. Preeta keeps her eye on Charleen.  I won't do what I

want to do. Sherlyn says to the family that I am going for a serious job. Preeta is upset.

 that I know she is not going for any job.  What is the purpose of this, Shirley leaves the house, Preeta also follows Shirley, Preeta eats, even at the end, let's see what she has to do. Shirley goes to the hospital to give money to Toor.  She wants to give her method. She tells the doctor that you should do as I tell you. They pay the doctor to do all this.  Also .

 comes to the hospital Sherlyn is talking to the doctor she is giving money to the doctor Preeta is watching all this Preeta is wondering what she is giving the doctor money for Dr. Tabi says to Shereen  That you have to lie that I am pregnant, Sherlyn says Jeetna I will tell you, that's all you have to do. Preeta also comes to know that Sherlyn is not pregnant.  Yes, Preeta.

 loves everyone, she was already suspecting that all this is a lie. Preeta says I have to tell the truth to all the family.  .  Preeta says that I don't tell the truth about Sherlyn to all the family members. Preeta says that no one will agree with me.  Too bad Shirley also goes home. Preeta says I have to talk to Shirley. Preetha goes to Shirley. Shirley.

 is acting nice with Preeta.  She says stop now, stop your acting, why I know everything, you are acting to be good, you are acting for some reason, I am home again, Sherlyn says to Preeta, there is nothing, all this is what you did.  You are saying I don't understand anything. Preeta says you have to understand everything but you are not trying to understand. Preeta says I know everything.  Everything is known in.

your nakedness, you are not pregnant, you are lying. Shirleen is very surprised after hearing all this.  The whole truth comes to light, Shirleen starts crying listening to Preeta. She says to Preeta that you have come to know my truth, so don't tell anyone.  Preeta says no, I will keep telling your truth to all the family members. I will tell your truth.  Koo says that

what evidence do you have with which all the.

 family members are talking about you one by one and they lied to me. Preeta is very worried after hearing this from Shirleen.  Preeta is not even safe. Preeta is thinking that now who should she tell all the family members about Sherlyn's identity? Even so, an ID comes to Preeta's mind.  Preeta goes to the hospital, doctor says I have come to know your whole truth, you are taking money from people and giving them false reports.  They say first tell the truth or else I will complain to the police about you. Preeta says all 

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