Kundali Bhagya today 15 Oct full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ke Karwa Chauth Ka Vrat is done, all the family members are very happy and all the women in the house keep this vrat. Shirley also keeps fake vrat for silk.  It's time to open Vrat and Karan is busy in the office. Preetha calls Karan. Karan says that I have been home alone for a while. Preeta leaves.

 after fainting from hunger.  There is a place where Rishabh gives water to Preeta with his hand as Preeta faints, Karan goes there.  Hai Hai FIR Sherlyn thinks it's true why I want to know Sherlyn starts crying along with all the family she stops her acting she says I live for Rishabh ji first and begs for h  And they don't even care about me. She tells .

all the family members that the truth is that Preeta and Rishab still love one world.  I have seen with my own eyes, these dons still love a world. Sherlyn says that this matter is reserved for their citizens and they have to drink water from the hands of their citizens.  Who knew but still Preeta drank water from Rishabh's hand because of her request .

 that Preeta kept this vrat for Rishabh.  Done, I had kept this vrat for Karan and I want to drink water from Karan's hand.  You are speaking all the wrong things. My ne Yah Vrat Sirf was kept for Karan and then Karan comes there.  All the family members are not friends.  karte Sherlyn Preeta Ko Kahati Hai Ki Tum Age Age Dekho Main Tumhare Sath Kya karti Hun .

Aaj to Tum Bach Gai Ho Lekin Hamesha Tum Nahin Bachogi Sherlyn Kahati Hai Ki Ab Main is Ghar Mein A Gai Hun Sherlyn Kahati hai ki Abi Sabhium family is not happy  Rahna says Shirleen that you can never be happy without me. Preeta says it's your mistake that you will stay at home now.  You guys are not in the house. You have done what you had to do with.

 me. It's my turn. Hearing all this talk of Shirley, Preeta gets very worried. Preeta says she knows I am her.  Preeta says I don't know what Sherlyn will do now. Preeta says now I have to keep an eye on Sherlyn. Preeta says I have work to do.

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