Kumkum Bhagya today 16 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, it happened that Shirley is lying to all the family members that she is pregnant.  I won't let Preeta do this. Preeta always makes me leave the house. It's hard. I'm in the house. I'm in the house now.  Shirlin is upset that Preeta will not sit comfortably, Preeta will have to taste it. Sherlin says that Preeta should not tell my truth to all the family.  She will kidnap Preeta, Sherlyn will pay the

goons to get it.

 done, Sherlyn will kidnap Preeta, Sherlyn will stay in Preeta's house.  hai everyone in the house is very disturbed by Preeta's voice, Karan is also very disturbed, all the housemates are teasing Preeta.  She says to Anjali that now you have a chance, you can get Karan, Preeta's unusual talk will happen, Shirkin says I have done my work, now you do your work, now you will know it yourself, you Karan.  Who.

 has to get this sinker? Anjali gets very happy.  kar sakti hon main Karan Ke Dil Mein Apni Jagah bana

sakti hon Anjali goes to Karan's house, Anjali shares his sorrow, Anjali is also doing her acting.  Shirley is very worried. Anjali and Prithvi are meeting. It is Milkar who is doing this. Rishabh says I never know.  I think all this must have been done by Prithvi. Sherlyn.

 is very scared. Sherlyn says that now Rishabh should not go to Prithvi and he should not ask Prithvi the truth.  Even if Prithvi doesn't take my name, Shirleen tells Rishabh that no, Prithvi can't do all this now.  What will happen to Prithvi? Rishabh agrees with Shirley. Rishabh doesn't go to Prithvi. Shirley convinces Rishabh. Shirley convinces Rishabh to go to Prithvi.  Karan.

 is making her place in the heart of the family, Preeta is being cheated.  Anjali and Shirleen are shocked to see Preeta, Shirleen is scared to see Preeta.  Everyone is very happy to see her. Preeta doesn't know that she has been kidnapped by Sherlyn, but Preeta suspects that she is kidnapped by Sherlyn.  Coins are not kidnapped from me by Shirley but I know .

that all this will not happen to me Shirley. Preetha talks to Shirley. She says to Shirley that I know everything that happened to me.  What is it, Preeta says, I am not you, I am not a thief, I am not telling all the family.  I can't tell you what happened to me

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