Kundali Bhagya today 16 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Shirley is lying to all the family members.  Jaye Jeesi Mein Yeh Sabat Kar Sikku ki Shirleen is lying. Shirleen still hasn't changed. Preeta says that I can do one thing.  Sherlyn should.

 check once. We have to get Sherlyn tested. She starts liking Karan by talking about such and such.  We will take you to the doctor. Sherlyn gets very scared after hearing this. Sherlyn gets very worried. Sherlyn says what should.

 I do now?  Use Kya karna Chahie Tabhi Preeta a Jaati Hai Sherlyn ke pass Preeta khati hai ki tum dekho main tumhare sath  Kya karti hun tumharee sabharne singh and you have not done anything. Sugugi Preeta says that now I will.

 take you to your doctor and bring your truth to all the family members.  She says it looks like Preeta is going to do something. Shirleen says what will happen to me now? Preeta B goes to the hospital with Shirleen.  She goes with him and reaches


 the hospital. Sherlyn is very nervous. Sherlyn can't do anything even if she wants to. Preeta is with her. Preeta doesn't care about Sherlyn. Karne deti Preeta Sherlyn per apni.  Doctor goes for checkup. Doctor says to Preeta that you.

 should sit in Bihar. Preeta says that as far as I am going to heaven for Shirley, it is good. Preeta tells doctor that no I can't go to Bihar.  She is alive, she is eating, and Preeta is going to go to the main doctor by giving money to her  Work longi.

 but Preeta likes Shirley very well. She is not alone. Shirley's test is done. They are just waiting for the report.  Preeta is upset or not, I am waiting here for a while, you have to go home, so you go, I will go home with the report. Sherlin.

 is very busy. Sherlin says that now nothing can be done for me.  It comes to know that Shirleen is not pregnant. Preeta says to Shirleen that now look I have evidence and I will tell all the truth to all the family. Now you are going to leave the house. Shirleen says I have to stop Preeta.  .

Shirleyn picks the report from Preeta's hand and gives it away. Shirleyen says, "Now, what have you given to all the family members? I finished it with Sabot. I have finished with Preeta's hand and she goes away."  The truth could not be brought with all the family members

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