Kundali Bhagya today 17 th Oct Episode hd

Kundali Bhagya today 17 Oct Episode.

 As you saw in Logon Nee Serial Kundali Bhagya, Arjun's property is with Preeta again. Jee Haan friend Preeta will be seen reacting very angrily seeing Arjun with her.  Dega aap logon.

 ko why Rishabh brings Preeta with him for his business deal but Rishabh doesn't know anything about Arjun's nakedness.  It will happen to you guys in.

 which Arjun will tell Rishabh I believe you will be a great businessman but Rishabh you don't know me wherever I am that heart never cancels and I will not talk about today.  Like Sankar.

 Rishabh will also look very sad to you guys and in the world Kavya is also missing her mother Preeta and says to Sameer I have to talk to my mother yes Sameer's friend Viya's talk with Preeta.  The.

 video call will be shown on the logon which Arjun will be very happy to see because Arjun considers Kavya as his daughter so every time he hears Kavya's name Arjun is very happy.

 to see Arjun doing it with Preet and Rishabh.  Boliga you guys can do anything for money you guys wanted to stay at home today but you guys don't think this heart is imported jee han friends talk.

 to Rishabh Arjun no I love you can't talk in my family naked  So I have no right to Arjun, you interfere in my family and the matter is steel, for that my mother has sent me and with the consent.

 of all the family, we have come here, friends, Arjun seemed to be ignoring Rishabh's talk.  will give and tell Rishabh I have never told you the truth in my life I don't trust anything you say Preeta Arjuna has dark se b  Seeing you, hello, in.

 your room, why are you finally talking to him, does it make any sense, no, why are you wasting your time?  Don't forget either.

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