Kundali Bhagya today 18 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, it is seen that Shirley is lying to all the family that she is pregnant. Preeta goes to PTA. Shirley is lying. Preeta says that I have to bring Shirley's truth with everyone. Preeta is thinking. Hai Preeta eats which doctor Himisha Shirley goes.

 to which doctor I have to go to her use Preeta the doctor knows WP goes to the doctor ponch she says to the doctor main sab jannati hun tum doon Milker you are lying to us Preeta says to doctor I know everything Preeta says.

 to doctor tell me all the truth Preeta says to doctor I know Sherlin Nee Tamhin Ais Deye Hain to do all this Preeta She says to the doctor that I will give you a lot of money too. Preeta says tell me the truth. Dr. Shakilan asks why she.

 doesn't agree. Sherlin tells the doctor not to tell anyone, everything is the truth, so when Dr. Sherlin says, she is not telling the truth. Preetha is persuading the doctor. Preeta agrees and goes. Preeta says to the doctor that I think you won't believe this. Preeta says to the doctor that .

 earlier I was talking to you lovingly but now I think you won't accept such a thing. Police. I will not listen to B. I will tell them that you take money from people and tell lies. Hearing the name of the police, the doctor gets very scared. She gets ready to tell Dr. Preeta everything. She.

 tells Dr. Preeta everything. Preeta takes us doctor to her house Preeta tells us doctor that you will tell all this truth with my family Doctor gets ready to go home with Preeta Sherlyn gets green when she sees doctor at home And Shirley.

 gets scared. Shirley says that now Preeta will keep me out of this house. She will tell the family all the truth, even if she wants to, Shirlene can't do anything. Why does the doctor sit in front of the family and the doctor tells all the truth to the family? Yes, she was lying because.

 everyone in the family is having hair. Rishabh also hates it. Everyone in the family gets very worried. They are very happy to tell that Shirley is pregnant, but when they find out that Sherlyn is telling a lie ah bahut Rone lag Jaate Reshab Kud Sherlyn ko is Ghar se.

 bahar nikal deta hai Sherlyn is ghar mein zyada din tak nahin rah sakti Sherlyn is Ghar Se Nikal Jaati Hai Sherlyn Aapne Iradon Mein Nakam Ho Jaati Hai Preeta Khushti Hausi At the end of Hai Rai I told all the truth about Sherlyn to the family. Preeta says I have no problem now. Preeta is very happy.

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