Kundali Bhagya today 18 Oct full episode online HD

 In drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Pallavi no longer listens to Riya's words, Pallavi goes to Prachi's daughter-in-law. When Pallavi finds out that her son Ranveer can't be with Prachi, Pallavi says Prachi is happy with her. So I can do anything for my son's happiness Pallavi says I will never support.

 Riya now Pallavi realizes her guilt so Pallavi is alone Prachi is at home when Riya sees Prachi at home. So Riya gets very surprised. Riya gets angry. Riya says that Pallavi used to support me from the beginning. Now she will not support me. She goes and says to Riya.

 that now if you try to get Prachi's number or if you try to remove UN Don, it is hard for me to see you, I am supporting you but now I know. It's gone that you think in your nakedness and now I know how much you are God-fearing. Pallavi says that if you do anything to Prachi.

 now, you will suffer. What will I do with you? This Sankar hates Riya. Riya says that everyone else in the family loves Prachi. But Palvi did not love Prachi. Now Palvi has also become Prachi's. Aaliya is crying and going mad. Even then, Aaliya says to Riya that you are mad, what are.

 you doing all this? We won't do it. We will not sit in China. Ranveer's friend is getting married. His friend invited all the family members. What happens? All the family members are very happy. Pallavi says we all don't go, we send Prachi and Ranveer Don together, they will spend time .

 together. Bhi ho don jay me. I won't go together, Riya says what should I do now? Even then Riya tells all the family members that I will go to the wedding with these two. Riya starts crying and starts her acting, Riya says that after all, my heart is doing it. Also, I don't feel at home, I get.

 bored. Ria says that I will also go to the wedding with these two. Everyone goes to the house. Re ya Kahati Hai Ki Akhir Maine ine Don ko Sath Nahin Jaane Diya Riya Kahati Hai Ki Aab Main Bhi in Donon ke Sath Jaaungi Maine ine Donon ko Akele Nahin Rahane Dungi Riya.

 Kahati Hai Ki Main Hamesha hi in Ke Sath Rahungi Ho riyate Me hawa these two can never be one. On the other hand, Sahana says I know that Riya is not doing all this in a connivance. Sahana says Riya is going with them on purpose. Ranveer and Prachi are going to spend time. Ki Riya nah all this. Diya sahna says I don't know.

 Riya either. I see how Riya goes with Don. Suhana is upset that I have to do something so that Riya doesn't go with them. Riya is getting ready to go to the wedding. Riya asks Kamwali for something to eat. An idea comes in Sahana's mind. Sahana mixes sleeping pills in Riya's food. Sahana says that Riya will eat these.

 sleeping pills then she will not be able to go to the wedding with both of them. She eats with Sahana's plane. She says that Riya is going. Ranveer and Prachi are getting ready to go to the wedding and Riya is still there. Pallavi tells Sahana to call Riya if she is ready, let us go now. She says that Riya is here. Riya says 

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