Kundali Bhagya today 20 th October episode hd


In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Karan and Preeta Donon are very happy they start living together now they are never even late all the housemates are very happy to see what happened to

Don Mein Don Ko. Can't ever be happy seeing Anjali or Shirley Dono too much Anjali says no matter.

 what happens I have to marry Karan Anjali says I have to do it to me Karan ko Pasand Karti hun main Karan ke liye apni jaan bhi de sakti hun Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main Karan Se Shaadi karna Chahti hun Anjali Kahati hai ki Preeta ke Hote Hue Ye Sab Kuchh Nahin Ho Sakta Main Karan ko Apni Kahati Karan ko Aapni.

 Kahati hai who makes a place for you in your heart? He has to go to Bihar from the country for some work, he has to go to meet someone, all the family members say that Karan, you are going by the way, you should take Preeta with you too, I say, I can't go. I can't go to Kavya's house. Preeta says you will be fine with.

 all the people. Anyway, Karan go to work. Has been and won't go back quickly after finishing this work. Ki Haan is going for work and I will finish work quickly so he doesn't take Preeta with him and Preeta also doesn't go with him. Jati Karan leaves home even after Shirleen calls Anjali. Karan has gone to Bihar for


 work, this is a real chance, Preeta also didn't go with him, Preeta is at home and Karan is alone, so you also go there. Anjali is very happy to make a place for herself. Anjali says that this is a real opportunity. Karan is all alone. Hi Longi is very happy with Anjali. Anjali is preparing to leave. Anjali also goes behind Karan. Karan sees Anjali. Karan is very surprised. Karan asks Anjali what are you.

 doing here. Anjali starts telling lies. goes Anjali says to Karan that for a few days you can give me a stolen jug in your flight. Anjali gets very happy. Anjali says that I have come here alone, so I will come again. Preeta calls from home. If she is staying the same, this Sankar makes Preeta very angry. Preeta can't bear all this. ko vahan se nikalo tell Anjali that in some world, Karan eats Jaga per way, there.

 is no Jag to live around him, so where will time go? Don't stay, Preeta says I don't like Anjali, I hate Anjali, I can never bear Anjali between us, Preeta starts crying, Preeta says if you love me, I think you don't. Everything Anjali has been Suraj. Anjali has been very sad. Anjali says that Preeta is not leaving Karan even if.

 she is away. Anjali says that Preeta will never marry Karan. Tokran tells Anjali to leave here. Anjali gets angry and leaves the car. Anjali calls Sherlin. Anjali says that Preeta is not of use at home. Anjali tells Sherlyn that she lives at home with you. You want to take care of the matter. Why did you want to keep Preeta Karan for not calling Anjali's 

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