Kundali Bhagya today 21 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don.  Now I give Shirlene a thief forever, now I leave Sherlyn, Rishabh makes Sherlyn a thief.  Decides

to divorce when Shirleen comes to know that Rishabh is going to divorce from now on. Shirleen comes to Preeta's house. Shirleen.

 goes to Rishabh's paw.  Forgive me, I will never do such a mistake again. Sherleen resumes her acting. Sherleen says forgive me this time. Don't touch me forever. Don't divorce me.  And give me, how is it that I have forgiven you for what I have done till today, but now I cannot do that again, now I cannot see you one more time and now it is difficult for me not to forgive .

you.  I don't want to keep you in my life even then Preeta says we can't keep you in our house now  No one listens to Sherlyn No one forgives Sherlyn Sherlyn fails in her intentions Sherlyn comes thinking that I will go to her house I will start crying I will be acting ki vah log mujhe maaf kar den lekin jo Sherlyn Soch  kar.

 Ati Hai Vaisa bilkul Bhi nin Hota koi Bhi Sherlyn ko Maaf nhi karta koi bhi sirlyn ki baton mein nahin Ata Preeta Sherlyn Ka Hath Pakar kar Sherlyn ko Ghar E leaves Sherlyn's face.  Shirleen scolds Preeta for not listening to me.  What is the love of the likes, so today I am also sorry that you are also far away from doing this. You are also in some of Don, there is .

someone whose voice makes you go away.  Goes the ghost.  It's done, Preeta says what will happen if she gets angry with me?  She said all this and went away. Preeta eats. Saying all this will not happen. She cursed me and left. If she falls in love with me, then what will happen if Karan and I go away? Preet ko kahati hai ki tu me.  You are doing things one by.

 one, you are thinking wrongly, you don't want to think about all this, you just want to pay attention to your home and you want to pay attention to your relationship.  There is a Rahi, she sees Anjali with Shirleen. When Preeta sees Anjali, Preeta gets mad. Preeta says that she wants to.  If Shirleen is true to what she says then Preeta says she will keep both Milker away from Karan and me Preeta says Shirleen will keep Karan away from me and them  Seeking help for

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