Kundali Bhagya today 22 th October full Episode HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Riya says that I will push Ranveer or Prachi away.  She says when Prachi's child will come into the world, I don't know what all the family will do. Riya says I can't see all this happening. Riya says I can do anything Prachi.  Hello, Riya.

 says I will never let Prachi's child come into this world. I have to end it before it comes into this world. Riya starts thinking. Riya says what should I do.  What should I do then Pallavi says to Prachi you have to go to doctor for check up Prachi says you are fine you say then.

 we will go to doctor Pallavi says you should take Ranveer along with you Ranveer and  Prachi and Riya are going to the hospital when Riya comes to know that they are going to the hospital and Riya is very angry. Riya says that now Ranveer is also going with her.  Riya says I will.

 spoil the happiness of all these family members and Prachi goes to the doctor and she goes to the house and goes back and forth. When Palvi asks what did the doctor say, Prachi says there is nothing to worry about, baby.  Pallavi is very happy with this combination. Pallavi says .

 to Prachi that you should be very open and don't do any housework.  Caught up in her work, Riya starts crying. She says that wherever you look, everyone is wearing Prachi Prachi and everyone is worried about Prachi. No one even knows that I am staying at home.  So she.

 asks for something, Riya is also present in the kitchen. When the maid is making something for Riya, Riya says why don't I add something to Prachi's food, which will make Prachi abort us. Riya eats that.  What do I want to eat, even then Riya goes to her room and comes with a claim, then she sends the maid to.

 work, there is something in Prachi's food.  Come and see, Prachi eats and says that she doesn't have a job, she takes it to Prachi's room, she gives food to Prachi.  You won't say this. Prachi says why don't I say this, I forgot to ask for food. Ranveer eats and says no.  I have brought my favorite cake for you. You will eat it. Prachi is.

 very happy that she has brought Ranveer's favorite cake. So Prachi does not eat. Prachi would put the food and Prachi takes it.  Riya also goes to Prachi's room, when Riya sees that Prachi is saying no, Riya is very angry.  I have already eaten the cake now, so I don't need to eat now, I will.

 steal and eat bad food, he says Ranveer has to keep eating, so Riya says to Ranveer that no, you will not say that, Ranveer says.  Riya says why can't I say this? Riya says you can't just say this. Ranveer says I am Bhookh Lagi Hai Main Yah Khana Kahunga Riya Kahati Hai Ki Nahin Main Tumhare 

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