Kundali Bhagya today Mar 2 full Episode hd

 In the story of Radha Mohan Zee TV you see people going as soon as Radha decides to go with Gangan, Damani tells Radha that you will not go with Gangan because you have to stay with us if you touch each other.  Who will take care of the house from Pache, I want you to support.

 Mohan and stay with us, these friends, on the other hand, Mohan is starting to doubt Damini because, like Radha, if she says to go with Gangan, Damini will not agree.  But Mohan himself will ask Radha to go with Gungan, as Sankar Damani's .

mood will be very bad because Dam Nai messes with the school bus, which causes Radha and Gungan to face a lot of trouble.  As soon as Radha goes to the bus driver, the bus driver refuses to stop the bus and tells Radha that the bus can't stop.

 until we reach our destination.  Radha is very worried and Gungan will also look upset. Why is Gungan so upset when Damini makes an announcement on the bus speaker and tells all the passengers.  It will be seen that Radha will try.

 to contact Mohan but Mohan's phone is late and Radha can't get in touch with Mohan.  Mohan's mother will pick up Radha's phone but Radha tries to tell Kudu a lot but the car is very noisy which Karan Kudu gives Yani's Mohan's mother Radha's .

voice is not talking to anyone what are you saying.  Not understanding anything from me, Radha will be seen writing a message to Mohan's mother in which Radha will write Mohan Hum in a very large music.  Yes, our bus is not stopping. Someone has messed with the bus. Yes, friends, like.

 Sankar Mohan, go out and use your car. He will be seen chasing the bus, and you will see him very soon when Damani finds out.  Mohan touches the house to save Gungan and Radha, Damani also.

 tells the driver to take the car out of which Kadu sees Damani and asks Damani where are you going then Damni tells Kadu I will follow Mohan.  Why do you want to help?

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