Kundali Bhagya today Mar 16 full Episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali is trying to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don.  de deta hai sharlyn Dobara Prithvi has Sherlyn Prithvi se bahut tang Prithvi doesn't even work Prithvi doesn't even have money to eat Sherlyn is not happy with Prithvi I can't live with you anymore  Do you have what I owe to you? Sherlyn says that I stole everyone from your voice, but now he.

 is asking me that I am not from everyone. Sherlyn leaves the house.  An accident happens Sherlyn has an accident with a huge star Sherlyn is bleeding profusely when Prithvi finds out that Sherlyn has an accident he is very upset and reaches the hospital when Prithvi calls the doctor from the hospital.  It is very difficult to avoid them, doctors say that they.

 will have to be operated on, and doctors say that they should be operated  There is a lot of money to talk to the doctor if you bring money then we will do his operation and we can save him if you can't give this money then we can't do this operation Sankar Prithvi gets very worried.  Prithvi starts crying and says now where will I get all this money. Prithvi starts making this money by persuading the doctor. He says that we are very.

 poor and we don't have any money.  So you have to spend money. Prithvi starts thinking that now where do I get so much money, what should I do now? Prithvi says that I am going to Preeta's house, maybe he will help me.  I can't see in the music, they will definitely help me.  They say that they have to have an operation and they need money. All the family members.

 do not agree with Prithvi.  Karan's man says to Prithvi that even if he had an accident, we can't do anything difficult, we can't give money because we are not the people, why is it good to win with you people?  Karan's mind says that now we are not your business, no we will not give this money, we will not help you, you people also know what is the pa.

in always.  You people have been causing trouble to others and today you people will realize what is the trouble.  K Sherlyn likes you and you use her too if you like her then you yourself love her and wait for her money from somewhere we don't care about you they leave Prithvi's house they leave Prithvi's house .

 There is Prithvi, then Anjali comes to know that Shirley has had an accident, Anjali gives money for the operation, Anjali helps Don.  Anjali says that this is a good chance to win Shirley over to me. I will save Shirley's life by giving money, then Shirley will definitely help me. Anjali gives money.  And Shireen gets operated, Shireen gets saved, Prithvi becomes very happy, Prithvi says that in the end his life was saved, Shirleen regains consciousness, Prithvi tells Shirleen 

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