Kundali Bhagya today 28 Jan full episode hd

 In Drama Serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai Ki Anjali and Sherlyn Don want to get rid of Milkar Karan and Preeta She is trying her best to get rid of UN Done Anjali says to Sherlyn I want to talk to you Anjali Sherlyn Ko says you should marry me. Anjali says no matter what I will do to get Karan. Anjali says I will do anything to get Karan. Anjali says what should I


 now? She says that with Preeta, Karan can never be yours, you can never do anything with Preeta. Sherlin says that Preeta is always persistent. Anjali says now you tell me what I want to do, she never steals Karan alone from Preeta, Preeta is always with someone and even if Karan ever gets alone, even then Preeta.

 doesn't miss Karan, Anjali says that now What should I do, who should I separate these two and who should I get Karan? You have to help me, I helped you, I saved your life, now you also marry me, Sherlyn says Preeta never steals Karan, I see me in you, to reach Karan, not Rishab. Anjali says to Sharleen, are you crazy, you .

 don't know that I love Sarf Karan and Anjali never sees that I will marry Karan. jante ho uske bavjud Bhi Tum Mujhse Rashab se shadi karne ke liye kah rahi ho Anjali says I won't marry anyone but Karan Anjali doesn't agree Anjali says I won't marry Rashab Shireen says to Najli that if you If you have reached.

 Karan, then you have to marry Rishabh. If you want to go to the house and make a place for yourself in the hearts of all the family and stay with Karan, then you have to marry us. K can separate Karan and Preeta very easily. She says you can do a lot by staying in the house. You can do anything you want with .

Preeta. You can easily remove UN Don if you try to understand me you have to marry Rishabh to reach Karan Anjali I have one thing. Will Rishabh agree to marry John Resham and all family members will go Anjali says they will not agree Preeta will not even allow all family members to marry Rishabh still Anjali says I won't do it, we will have to work hard for.

 this too, we will have to make a place for ourselves in Rishabh's heart, then Rishabh will go and marry me. Make space for me in heart Anjali says thek hai main I tried my best to make space for myself in Rishabh's heart Anjali says ki main Karum to get it is hard to learn to think anything. Anjali says I will make a place for myself in Rishu's heart and I will marry Rishabh. Anjali starts working in Rishabh's office before Ista wakes me up. When Preeta comes to know that Anjali is 

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