Kundali Bhagya today 19 feb full episode hd

 Pallavi says to Ranchi in Kumkum Bhagya, Zee TV, I was married to my daughter, but I was against you so many times, but Prachi, you are waiting for me, you have tried to go against our family. I would have done well, but you didn't think about me. I used to think you were a good

 daughter-in-law, but now I think you are not fit to be my daughter-in-law, becaus somehow you fell in love with Siddharth and ran after me. How much does Riya love Ranveer? Riya gets very angry whenever she sees you with Ranveer and I believed you to stay away from.

 Ranveer. Prachi tells Pallavi that I don't go to Ranveer's house, Ranveer only comes to my house. Why are you following me yes friends from second trip Ranveer also goes to his mother Sankar and says to his mother that I love Prachi and Siddharth stayed with us love mother but Prachi.

 will lie in front of Pallavi And will tell Ranveer that I don't love you because I am going to get married to Siddharth, he will look very sad after listening to Prachi. I love you but when I expressed my love to my mother, Prachi told me why didn't I start loving you. He says you are heaven, Prachi is a good girl and can do.

anything for this family. If

Prachi tells you to your mother that I love you, your mother will be angry. Aryan says if this is the case then I will talk to Prachi this friend will see you guys in the upcoming promo. Donga, I know that you are hiding something from me, but when you have a crush on me, let me know, but Prachi, I can do anything with me for your happiness. I have no doubt about you, Prachi, I want your happiness always

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