Kundali Bhagya today 26 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to remove Preeta and Karan Don. Even then Anjali says I can never reach Karan since Preeta is there. You have to marry Rishab. If you want to meet Karan, you have to marry Rishab to reach Kiran and live in the house. Anjali

wants to make a place.

 for herself in Rishab's heart. I have to make room and I have to marry Rishabh. Anjali starts working in Rishabh's office. When Preeta comes to know that Anjali is working in Rishabh's office, Preeta says that as far as I am, Anjali is a paradise. Anjali works for her own meaning Preeta.

 says that Anjali is working in Rishabh's office so she also thinks of her own meaning and goes to work Anjali makes a place for herself in Rishabh's heart Rishabh all Family members say that I have to marry Anjali because Anjali loves Rishabh completely. Main aapse.

 shaadi k before Anjali falls in love with Rishabh. arna chahti hon to reshab anjali ki baton mein a Jata Hai Rishab Bhi Anjali ko Kahta Hai Ki Han Main Bhi Tumse Shaadi karna Chahta hun to Rishab Shaadi Ke Liye Man Jata Hai Rishabh Sab Gharwalon Ko Kahta Hai Kahta Hai Reshab.

 Sab Gharwalon Ko Kahta Hai is So everyone agrees to what the family members say. All the family members are very happy. All the family members say that Anjali is a good thing. You should marry her. She says no this marriage can't happen Preeta is sad I don't like Anjali at all The last thing is, why don't you like Anjali, why are you so jealous of Anjali?.

  Karan says that the one who has a problem can leave this house, says Preeta. Thank you for writing. Preeta says ok, I don't want to stay in the house, if she comes to the house, I won't stay in the house. Anjali is happy and eats the last one. I succeeded in my plan at the bar. Anjali says that now I am not in the house. Preeta has already left the house. I want.

 to see what I will do with Preeta now. Anjali says that Preeta tried to stop the marriage, but Preeta will have failed. Look, I will be with all these family members. I will do many things with all these family members. But this time Terah Preeta will not be able to do anything further. Anjali and Shirley Don are very happy. Anjali gets married. Wow Ghar Chorkar. She leaves and Anjali gets married

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