Kundali Bhagya today 27 October full Episode hd

 In the serial Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV, you will see that Arjun enters the school to save Kavya's life, but Arjun does not know anything about Kavya.  Is.  Preeta also comes to Daudi to save her daughter Kavya yes friends Arjun sees Preeta with him and says to Preeta what are you

doing here you want to make love with.

 your husband Rishabh Luthra right now.  Preeta keeps saying yes, friends, Preeta says to Arjun that it is useless to talk to you, why are you so good, what am I doing, I am here to take my daughter Kavya, I am with you.  I will never be able to reach my daughter Kavya, Arjun please stop teasing.

 me this friend Arjun also wants to tell Preeta from now on that I don't like to teasing you either.  I have come for one and if you find the same Kavya, tell me. Neha's friend Preeta gets very upset seeing Arjun's praise. Why is Preeta thinking why is Arjun doing all this?  Why is it that .

 Rishabh is also trying to come in but Rishabh's family stops Rishabh and tells Rishabh that the police are doing their work, so I have no courage to go inside after making love here.  She goes, why is Shirley like this? She sees Rishabh with her, so she says to Rishabh that whatever is happening is because of me.

 because you spat on me, which you don't want to see.  I will never be happy in my life like I want to take back my words Jee Haan friends Rishabh says to Char Ling from the front this is not a joke because you know very well who took me here you are living my time Sherlyn you  I have already said that I will not have any.

 relationship with you. Yes, friends, Kareena will also be seen behaving very badly by seeing Sherlyn with her.  Cheating Keonki Kritika loves Prithvi with all his heart but Prithvi loves Sherleen Sherleen and Prithvi Don Milker ruin Kritka's life with his words Prithvi loves Prithvi Haan Friends Mahesh Luthra Reena talking to Shireen  Kareena says on seeing them, leave, you go, we are here for surf kavya and you guys don't pretend.

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