Kumkum Bhagya today 20 th Jan full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Preeta and Karan Don. Anjali says that I will get married to Karan.  Anjali marries Rishabh to reach Karan. Preeta does not accept Anjali. Preeta says that Anjali is married to Rishabh and Anjali comes to the house after marriage.  All the family.

 members don't listen to Preeta's words. All the family members get Rishab married to Anjali.  Anjali says that Preeta has left the house by stealing.  Preeta herself has moved out of my way. Anjali says I don't need to do anything. I love Anjali and left home. Anjali says Preeta.

 has made me alone. Anjali to get Karan.  She says that now Preeta is not here, then this is true death, I will make a place for Karan to show his respect, even then Anjali says why not.  Anjali says that I want to do something with Preeta. Anjali says that now Preeta is not called Preeta.  Naaz.

 is cute and everyone in the house will not help her. Anjali says that now is the right time. Dhangvi ti hai Anjali takes Prithvi's love for keeping everyone away from Preeta.  Anjali tells Prithvi that this is the real chance. Badli tells Preeta.

 that Ka will have to kidnap Preeta's daughter.  Naaz says why she has gone to steal the house. She says that we have to start kidnapping Preeta's daughter.  Anjali says that Karan herself will be very fond of Preeta. Anjali says that it is love.  Mehen will give money to do this Prithvi .

 When he hears the name of money Prithvi is very happy Prithvi is ready to do this job Priha hai thvi Vaisa hi karta hai Prithvi kidnaps Preeta's daughter.  Preeta takes the daughter away somewhere. Preeta is teasing her daughter. Preeta is very worried. Preeta starts crying. We love her. The use of the daughter is nowhere.

 to be found. Preeta is very worried. Preeta says what should I do now?  She says I can't even tell Karan right now. Preeta says Karan will be very angry. Karan will love me. Saul says what will I answer them? Preeta is very worried. Preeta says I want you.  Ann can't tell anything to Logon. The other side says that you won't tell.

anything to Logon. Preeta says that I want to tell you. Peeta calls Karan. Preeta tells everything to Karan.  She says that our daughter is lost somewhere and I can't find her. This sinker gets upset with Karan. Karan comes to Preeta and she is a ghost.  He says that I don't know, I use it myself, but I am not getting it, but I.

 can't find it. Karan says you should be scolding him, but his daughter is nowhere to be found.  Karan is very angry with Preeta. Karan says to Preeta that all this has happened because of your words. If you don't bring my daughter from home, it is not Preeta to do all this. All.

 the family members also tell Preeta a lot.  They say that when you were a house thief, we kept persuading you not to leave the house, even after persuading you to steal the house, everything happened.  Preeta is crying and Anjali is also there. Anjali is very happy seeing all this.  Anjali says I am very happy today. Preeta.

 sees someone in Salat and Karan tries to seduce his daughter and Karan finds his daughter. Karan finally brings his daughter home.  Everyone in the family becomes very happy. Preeta also becomes very happy. Preeta starts coming to her daughter. Karan stops Preeta. 

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