Kundali Bhagya today Feb 2 full episode online HD

 In today's interesting show Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV, you will see Arjun fighting with UN goons for Kavya's sake. After seeing Prithvi Arjun loaded with UN goons, Prithvi says to Arjun, what about you?  Season to ask.  You are living in danger. You know how dangerous

we are. We can take your life at will. Arjun, you should.

 not risk your life for the sake of a girl.  I am a father and I can do anything for my daughter Kavya Tera Haan Dostun Even then Preeta is quite confused seeing Arjun and says to Prithvi that Kavya is my daughter Arjun's love is nothing Arjun is not Yes Haan Dostun then.

 Arjun Ko  Preeta thinks this is too much Preeta says if Rishabh is Kavya's father then why isn't he here why am I the only one Skaviya should avoid these goons Ya Tab Preeta will have no answer to Arjun Tab  Prithvi will also feel this. After all, there is something that I don't see.

 because Arjun is Rishabh's biggest enemy and there will be no relationship.  se badla chhie to Arjun yah sab koon kar raha is Arjun ko to Yahan Khush hona chhie ki Rishabh kavya ke liye bahut par  eshan kavya ke liye bahut pareshan ko arjun ko rishabh se badla chhe is risking.

his life to

escape jee haan friends this will also confuse prithvi and bihar police will be seen controlling rishabh why you guys  The police are furious after hearing Arjun's talk.  We see people demanding why Prithvi wants money from time.  Air will show you will tell logon but police Prithvi we need time to think because we can't.

 arrange it so quickly these guys will still tell Prithvi police there will be a lot of business with you we say this  Rakam dega jee han dostun Rishabh Luthra will be happy to give two crores and please say I will give them two but in return let my daughter Kavya and Preeta come to Tahir.

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