Kundali Bhagya today 29 Oct full Episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Anjali marries Rishabh. She says I am in the bus right now, I have entered the house and Preeta has left the house by herself. Anjali says Preeta has cleared my way by herself. Anjali is very happy to get Karan and Preeta is crying all over the

world. Karan also takes his۔

 daughter from Preeta. She wanted to see Preeta, she understands. Preeta says that Anjali has understood all this. Preeta says that Anjali did all this to reach Karan. I am not, what is wrong? Preeta says I myself have given Anjali a chance. To reach Karan, Preeta will have to ask now and go back home. Don't do it. Preeta says I will never let Anjali succeed in۔

 her plans. I will not let Anjali do anything. Where should I go home? Preeta says I will talk to all the family by myself. Longi Preeta gets ready to go home. Realizing the mistake, all the family members say that Preeta is insulting. This is all about telling that you are not the family member. We are very happy. Anjali is very.

 surprised to see Preeta at home. Anjali says why did she go back to this house? Anjali says she can't even reach this house now. Anjali says no matter what happens, I want Preeta to come inside the house. Anjali is trying to stop Preeta. She does not succeed in her attempts and goes to Preeta. I won't come back, Preeta says.

 I have come to know everything, why are you doing all this, she leaves with love. You want to get away from Karan and me. Preeta says that's why I went back home. Preeta is bitter that I will never let you succeed in your plans. You are trying, you will never be able to do that.

 and you will never be able to reach Karan. This sinker is very annoying to Anjali. Anjali never comes home. What she wanted doesn't happen. Preeta goes back home alone. Anjali gets frustrated in her intentions.

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