Kundali Bhagya Today 31th jan full episode online hd

 The upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya Zee TV will be very interesting in which you will see that Prithvi has come to know Arjun and those who are dirty with Prithvi have also come to know Prithvi very

well.  before  Log will work for me because he is working for Prithvi, he also puts them in. This Prithvi is a work man, but.

 when the police gives a warning to Prithvi and says to Prithvi, you shut up, behar, go police.  Do Tab Prithvi tries to run away from the vehicle as Prithvi wants me not to come with anyone but Arjun stops the use and says to Prithvi where are you going I have seen so many of you.

 now Prithva is so down.  Javgae I never thought that you want to spend the Sabbath by keeping innocent children captive. Why do you think Prithvi will not see you? I think Prithvi you did not come here alone.  Why is Shirley helping Prithvi? Prithvi is getting the news of Bihar, but.

 why is Shirley also suffering now?  Bachchan will be seen getting kicked out by the UN goon gang aap logon ko kayunki arjun plans milkkar with preetha preet de arjuni kasmin.  He has promised Kavya and told Kavya that nothing will happen to you Danga and Kavya you have.

no courage to fear why now your father is gone and your father will not leave you anything

she says to Kavya.  Arjun Thek says we will not let anything happen to anyone here, we will also get your other friend out of here and we will also get out of here safely.  People will.

 be arrested by which Prithvi and the rest of the goons will be seen.  You will be seen hugging people and you will say to Arjun, why is he acting today as if I am seeing my son Karan with me again.  Arjun's eyes will be filled with tears like this friend.

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