Kundali Bhagya Today 30 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali  Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Riya and Prachi have a birthday together.Prachi and Riya's SAS Pallavi gives Prachi and Riya a matching dress.  Is.  Why is it late for both of us? Pallavi gives suit to Don and says tonight is the birthday party, both of us should get ready. Prachi says ok, we will get

ready on time.

.  Ranveer goes there for Shaam's birthday. Ranveer starts telling Pranchi that you are looking very lucky.  Today I will do something like this beauty of yours will go to MIT. Prachi keeps her suit and goes to Bihar. Even then, Fe Riya comes and cuts her suit and leaves from.

 there when Prachi wants to get her suit.  uska suit kisi ne kat diya hai ab vah pahnane laik nahin Prachi tells Ranveer that my suit is being spun by someone.  Dress up Prachi hastily and puts on a suit and Bihar leaves for the birthday party but Riya is very happy to see.

 that she doesn't have such a suit.  To see as I have to see when the key is sold.  Riya tells Ranveer that it is late and pushes Prachi and says Ranveer will cut the cake with me today.  And Riya eats it, Prachi gets quiet there too, the party ends, all the guests leave, Prachi is thinking.

 who made my dress, then Ranveer says we have to find out that your dress is yours, then Prachi.  She brings the suit and sees that my suit is cut when she sees there is Riya's ring and Prachi picks up the ring and says it's important.  They say this is what you did. Prachi says how .

dare you cut my suit and you did this in the party too. When Ranveer started feeding me the cake, the cake was also a drama. Tell the truth to Ranveer.  The dress is cut, Riya says why will I do this, I have not done anything like this. Prachi says well, you didn't do it.  No, we have.

 nothing.  The ring looks like it was on my suit when you were cutting my suit why did you do all this tell me the truth still Riya says I cut your dress why am I not seeing rty mein Ham Donon Ek.  Jaisi Lage is wajah Se meine Tumhara suit Kat Diya Aur Ranveer Bhi Hamesha.

 Tumhari Tarif karta Rahat hai isliye Mere Tumhara suit Kat Diya Ranveer Riya ko thappar Mar deta hai and Kahta Hai Aindai Burakhnaa Shajna will not happen.  They are angry with Riya, Riya is still doing Prachi's bad deeds

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