Kundali Bhagya today 27 th Jan full Episode hd

 Drama serial Kundali Bhagya Aap Howa Hai Anjali marries Rishabh Anjali marries Rishabh to get to Karan Preeta doesn't like it all Preeta doesn't like Anjali Preethai is Preeta and Sherlyn  Preeta says I know this is also not true for our house, very soon I will be throwing her out

of the house.  I have gone to the house, now.

 I have to bring Shirley to the house. Anjali says that I will make a place for Shirley in the house too, and Shirley will stay in the house.  Everyone in the family gets very arrogant seeing Shirleen and starts telling Shirleen.  So what are you doing here everyone starts telling Shirleen.

 they are leaving Shirleen house that Anjali goes in the car Anjali says me first.  Anjali says I am married now and this is my friend so now it is up to me to meet her at home.  Who is in the house now Shirley will come home because now I am alone in the house everyone starts telling Anjali what are you saying you don't know.

 how much we hate her what happened to us?  And how much trouble has he given us? All the family members say to Anjali that she will not come to the house. Anjali starts crying.  Sakti then says to Preeta that if you have a friend like Sherlyn, then she will never come to the house.  She has gone home or come and meet her, but.

 she will never come to the house. All the family members say that Preeta is absolutely saying that she will not come to the house. You can go out and meet her yourself.  The family members look at Shireen, they don't listen to Anjali's words, all the family members believe Preeta's words.  Anjali says that all.

family members didn't agree with me and they didn't let my friend come home. Anjali says that everyone accepted Preeta's words. Anjali says that I won't listen to everyone.  She says that till Preeta is in the house then Shirley is not in the house, she can't do it. Anjali says that I won't let Preeta.

 succeed.  Anjali says what should I do so that everyone in the house will let Shirleen come to the house, even then Preeta goes there alone, Preeta comes to Anjali's room.  Anjali says no, I thought you told Shirleen in the house and we are all here, you said it in the house and we will not say anything.  Trying to do anything, I won't let you do that. Preeta says I will never let you succeed in your intentions.  Anjali says this will never happen

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