Kundali Bhagya Jan 28 full episode online HD


Anjali wants to get Karan in the drama serial Kundali Bhagya. Anjali says I will keep Preeta away from Karan. Anjali says I have to do something that will divert Preeta's attention to work. Anjali says I have to do something. She.

 calls Prithvi. She tells Prithvi that you have to do something. She says that you will get double money. Anjali says to Prithvi that I don't want you to meet with me. Naam Sankar gets very happy. Prithvi always runs after money. He says to Anjali.

 that I have to work. You don't tell me what to do. Anjali says that you want to kidnap Preeta's daughter. Prithvi was very scared earlier. Prithvi says no, I won't do this. Prithvi is not eating. I didn't learn to do this. If there is any other work, then.

 tell him. Prithvi is not listening to Anjali. Anjali starts seducing Prithvi. Prithvi goes to work. Ko says that my daughter is not available. All the family members are very worried. All the family members.

 are using. Preeta is crying a lot. Anjali says that now Preeta will remain bread and will not be aware of using Karan. Anjali says that I will stay with Karan. Whatever I can do, Anjali says Preetha.

 can't stop me now. Karan goes to see her daughter. Yes, even then, Anjali, don't be rude to you. She says that your daughter is my daughter too. Anjali says that I am like her daughter too, so I will go with you to seduce her. You will.

 get help. I do, I also go with you to get used, even then Preeta says no, what will you do, what is your work, you will not go with Karan. Anjali says she doesn't know what kind of clay she is made of. They can't go with Karan because Preeta.

doesn't let them go. Prithvi also sees and Karan gives love to Prithvi Karan beats Prithvi a lot Prithvi calls Anjali Prithvi Karna Prithvi says that Karan has beaten me a lot and I am still in Karan's cad. This sinker is very annoying to Anjali. Oh, Nijali says that I have to save her.

 from doing anything. Anjali also reaches in the vehicle where Kalan happens. Anjali makes Prithvi run away. Prithvi runs away. Anjali is saved even thirteen times. They are happy to see her and Preeta is also happy. Anjali is sad.

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