Radha Mohan Jan 23 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini tries to get rid of Radha and Mohan Donon, but Gungan will never let Damini work in his Radu. Mohan doesn't let both go Damani says I have to do something with Gungan first I have to clean Gungan's leaf if it won't be Gungan then giving me Mohan and Radha.

 is part of giving me. Damini starts thinking what should I do with Gungan? It seems that even then an idea comes in Dhamni's mind. Damni says that I will go to Gungan's room at night and try to kill him. It is night. Everyone is home ale apny apny Kamre Mein So Rahe Hote Hain Damini Kahati Hai. Ki Main Gungun ko Khud.

 Nahin Marungi Agar Gungun Ne Mujhe Dekh Lia to Yah Masala Ho Jaega Damini Kisi Gunde ko phone Karti Hai Damini Use Gunde ko Paise dekar Gungunki ko Mare ko Marungi Wow Gunda Damini's word is believed and using Damini is like saying. Hey wow, that's what he.

 does. That goon goes to Gungan's room at night. Gungan is sleeping alone in her room. That goon hits Gungan with a chuck. Wow, he's hitting Gungan. Gungan's eyes open up. Hain gets scared seeing the goon, Gungan tries to make noise, but he is a goon Gungan says that if you try .

 to make noise and ISI will kill time, then Gungan will be scared and Gungan will not say anything. Gungan will be silent. He calls goon Damani to say that the eye is open and it is trying to make noise so far it is not possible to kill Damni says you will finish your job you will use it and you will be killed. The use of Gungan is being.

 told to the entire hori of Gandeh. He goes on saying that he has come here on the request of Damani. The use of Gungan is listening to all the words of the gangster. In the kitchen, Rahul asks her to take water, then Gungan's room light is on, Rahul says Gungan, what is she doing till this.

time, is it so late, didn't she sleep yet? Rahul says maybe it's her baby. Rahul says that if I want to see Gungan once, Rahul goes to Gungan's room, he knocks on the door and knocks on the door, he is a punk. The door is closed and Gungan gets happy, Gungan says,

 "Harry me, Gungan is in my room, HA, it might be Radha." Gungan goes to open the door, and the goon tells Gungan that I am hiding somewhere. If you try to tell anyone in the house, I will beat you. What happened, why are you so busy and why didn't you sleep for so long? It was in the light of your room, so I went to see you. Rahul has to say to Gungan, "What


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