Radha Mohan today update episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai, Gungan has a function in his school.  .  I will tell all my friends that I will meet Radha. Damani is watching all this. Damani can't bear it. Damani says that whatever happens, I don't want Radha to go to Gangan's school.  Damani says

that I can't see.

 Radha and Mohan together.  Mohan and Radha don't go together, Damini is thinking what should be used, still an idea comes in Damini's mind.  So who will Radha and Mohan Don go to? Radha is cooking for Gungan in the kitchen. Radha is also very happy to go to Gungan's school. Radha is cooking in the.

 kitchen.  Damani gives some dal to eat.  There is something in me. Radha walks away with food. Khanga is alive. When Damani sees that Gangan has eaten, Damani is very happy.  Damini says that I will go to work in the bar. Damini is waiting for the plane. Soon, Gungan's condition worsens. Gungan gets.

 very high fever. Everyone in the house is worried about Gungan.  They go to Gungan's hospital, Gungan has a very high fever, Gungan can't go to school due to the sound of fever, Damini succeeds in her plan, Damini is as she wants, Gungan can't go to school, when Gungan comes home from the hospital.  She .

 goes and starts to feel very sad. She says that she had to go to school. All the family members are very sad to see Gungan. They can't see Gungan.  No you didn't go to school so we send you to roam somewhere with Radha and Mohan this sinker Gungan gets very happy Gungan says.  When Damini listens, Dagoti.

says to Dagoti that this can't happen.  Ki main a music ends ki dunya shoro ho jai hai damini

ka hai ki aba ki ki karo Damini tries hard to stop Radha and Mohan Gungan to leave but she does not succeed in even one attempt they go for a walk.  Not everyone.

 in the family wants to go very happily.  kar sakti Damini ko bahut gussa a Raha Hota Hai Damini Mohan and Radha Ko Ek Sath Bardasht Sakti Damini can't stop the UN even if she wants to.

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