Radha Mohan today 30 th jan full episode hd

In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai ke Mohan's birthday happens, all the housemates are very happy and all the housemates are preparing to surprise Mohan.  Damani says that this is true death to make a place for herself in Mohan's heart. Damani is working with all the family members.  Damini is planning what to do with Radha. Radha stays away from Mohan today. Damini says that today is a very good opportunity.  She says it's my.

 Mohan's 7th birthday, I will celebrate Mohan's birthday with a lot of fanfare. Mohan says to Radha that you make a cake for me with your own hand for my birthday. Mohan likes Radha's hand cake so much.  Radha says that you make a cake for me. Damani gets very angry seeing this. Damani says no matter what happens, I will not give it to Radha. Damani says that this is true death.  Radha.

 is very happy making a cake for Mohan with her own hands.Radha makes a cake for Mohan.  Everyone is waiting for the log cake. Radha goes to get the cake. Radha takes the cake and there is a way that she goes behind Radha. She drops something special. It is a glass jar. Gilas niche Gir kar  Tut Jata Hai Radha vah gilas Uthane ke liye Jaati Hai Radha Kahati hai ki Kahin Yah Gilas Kahin.

 ko lag Na Jaaye to Radha vah Tuta Hua Gilas Niche Se Uthane Lag Jaati Hai Radha vo Uthane Houtane Be Haike Goes wow the whole cake  The cake falls on the place, Damani leaves after doing her work, Radha comes and sees that the cake has fallen, Radha gets very sad seeing Radha, Radha cries, Radha says that I.

 made this cake with difficulty.  They are waiting for the best. Radha gets very worried. Radha is upset. What should I do now? Everyone is waiting for the cake. What should I do? What should I say to all the family members? Mohanji is very happy now.  What should I say to Mohan? Even then, Gungan goes there. Gungan.

says to Radha that what happened, why were you worried? She tells everything now.  Karan Gangan says that we will make a cake together, Radha says that there is a lot of work time, the cake will not be made in such a time.  Khenge Gangan says that nothing will happen if we cry, we should not waste our time, we will make.

 milker cake together.  Radha and Gungan Don Milkar make a cake and lie down. Radha is happy. Radha goes with a special cake. Damani is very surprised to see the cake.  Now Radha, where did I get this cake from? Damini says to Radha, did you order this cake 

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