Kumkum Bhagya today 15 th Oct full episode online HD

Damini tries to separate Mohan and Radha in the drama serial Radha Mohan.  Damini says that I have to do something so that the family will get me married to Mohan by themselves. Damini kidnaps Mohan's love.  She says that it is a big mistake by not getting my son married to Mohan.  Time, get Mohan.

 married to me and let Radha get out of the house. Damani says if you do this, I will steal you. Damani is blackmailing Mohan's love. Damani says marry Mohan with me.  Damani says you should marry my Mohan or else I will kill Gungan.  If you want to see Gungan happy, marry me by marrying Mohan.  She says.

 that from the beginning I used to hate you, but today I can never love you because of what you are doing to me, I hate you completely, I don't even want to see.

your face, Mohan.  Ki Man says to Damani that I am getting very angry seeing you.  It seems that your heart is trying to kill Mohan, but you will never be your daughter-in-law because of your desire to kill Mohan.  No.

 way, who can I get Mohan? I don't want to do anything. Mohan is very worried and everyone in the world is very worried. Mohan is also very worried.  He is hiding his mind, all the family members are trying to hide it, one Damini is also acting, Damini starts crying, Damini is also disillusioning with all the.

 family members, Damini is very upset.  Damini says if Mohan cheated her love and her man took my name, then what will happen to me?  Damani goes to Mohan and says to Man that I have been stealing from you but you have to do something for me.  You will stay away from Radha, you will try.

 to get Radha out of the house and talk about Mohan and my marriage, don't go to your house and say my name, what am I doing with you, Damani says if you tell anything.  If you try, you will get to Nixon Gangan, and Gangan's name will sink into Mohan's man.  The family starts asking her where did she go and she didn't even tell anyone. Mohan's husband is married to Damani. She doesn't tell anything to the family. She keeps quiet.  

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