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In the drama serial Radha Mohan Mein Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini can never see Mohan and Radha happy. Whenever Radha and Mohan Don are together, Damini gets very angry. Damini is skeptical about separating Radha and Mohan Don. She always tries to do something but she.

 always fails in her intentions. Damani goes to Mohan and tells Mohan that I still like you and I want to marry you. Damani starts crying with Mohan. Do it, I will take care of Gungan better than Radha, Damani says I will take care of all the family members too. Gassa and Jata Hai Mohan.

 says to Damani that you have gone mad, what are you saying, you know that I am married to Radha now, I can't marry you. Damani says nothing, you thief Radha Give and marry me. Mohan Damani says that this is not possible. damini khati hai ki Mohan Kyon nahin mera ho.

 Sakta Damini Kahati hai Mohan kl Bhi was mine and still is mine Damini says I will live by getting Mohan Damini eats with Mohan No, I will kill myself by mail. Damini tries to commit suicide. Damini consumes poison. Damini eats lunch, Radha sees Damini, Damini's condition is very


 bad. Radha calls Mohan and all the family. Mohan gets worried all the family members take Damini to the hospital all the family members are saying Damani no what is all this Damini is not everything what will happen Mohan is very worried Mohan says to Radha I will never be able to forgive myself for what happened.

 to Daki. Mohan says that all this is happening because of my words. Mohan says that in the fire, let Damani do all this. Koo says what are you saying all this? Radha tells Mohan that you have nothing to do with it. Mohan tells Radha the truth. Mohan tells Radha that Tera Damani was with me and she was.

 talking to me. Mohan says that I didn't listen to Damini, Damini is not there. Mohan has done everything. Mohan says to Radha that if anything happens to Damini, I will never be able to forgive myself. Radha says this. B hears something that Damini is not what all this is for. Radha gets very worried. Radha says that.

 Damini is going to get Mohan with this star. Radha says that I don't know if Damini is to get Mohan. Radha can go. She doesn't eat. I don't want it to happen. I don't want Damini to succeed in her intentions. I don't want Mohan to ever have Damini. They say how much I love you from now on, I can even give my life for you. Damani is making a place for herself in Mohan's heart. When Radha sees 

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