Kumkum Bhagya today 28 th jan full episode online HD

 Drama Serial Radha Mohan Mein Yeh Hawa Hai Damani tries to separate Mohan and Radha Don Damani always tries to separate Radha and Mohan, always she fails in her intention Damani always has no talk Main Mohan Radha Damani is making a plan to separate the two. Damani says that who should

take Radha away from Mohan, then an idea comes in Damani's mind to separate Mohan and.

 Radha. We have to separate Mohan and Radha. Damini says to Rahul, I will go as you say, you do as Rahul goes to help Damini. Damani tries to separate Radha and Mohan. Damani tells Rahul that when it's time for you to come to Mohan's house, you go to Radha's room and close the door. It will be seen that Radha likes you Rahul and Damini Don Milker are.

 trying to woo Radha in front of Damini's plane. When Rahul sees that it will be time for Mohan to come, he goes to Radha's room and closes the door. Why is this door closed? But still Mohan comes and saves the door. Radha enters. Radha says what should I do now. Radha says I don't need to be afraid. I will tell Mohan the truth. When I don't fear anything, Rahul.

 opens the door. Seeing Rahul in Radha's room, Mohan gets excited. When Mohan sees Rahul in Radha's room, Mohan gets angry. There is a lot of trouble, Mohan is hitting Rahul a lot, all the family members are asking what happened, why are you hitting him, Damini is happy seeing all this, Damini says it's time for Radha to come home. Damini will.

leave, will Radha leave the house on her own. Damini says that I will not let my plan fail. And Jawangi Mohan says to Radha that what was all this I saw all that was done Radha starts crying Radha says to Mohan that I did not expect this from you you are saying all this you did something Don't even ask and start beating Rahul. Radha says Rahul was less than.

 me and closed our doors. Radha says I don't know why Rahul did all this. I myself was in love with Rahul. I was telling Rahul to open the door, still you went Radha, everything I saw from you is wrong. Radha m ohan says you are doubting me. She says I don't care to stay at home. Radha says I can't stay at home when you are not talking to me. Damini is watching this spectacle. Damini is happy to 

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