Radha Mohan today 27 th Jan full episode hd

 Drama Serial Radha Mohan Na Yeh Hua Hai Ke Damini now starts acting as a good girl in the eyes of all family members. Damini starts taking good care of Gungan too, but Damini still does not succeed in her intentions, Damini cannot make her place in the hearts of all the family. Damini

says that I like shopping very much. Damini burns Radha's hand, now Damini says that Radha will not go shopping with us, so this is the right time. I tell Mohan.

 that she should go shopping with me. Let's go together, I just have a little work to do. We will go back soon. All the family members say to Mohan. Look, Mohan. If Damani is saying that he has a little work to do, then you go with him and go quickly. Ek Jana Mohan. Man goes to leave but Gungan knows everything. Gungan.

 says that Damini is trying to trap Mohan in a hurry. Damini is trying to get Mohan in a hurry. Gungan says that you have burnt your marriage by Radha's hand, you have given Radha a bed, you can't do anything with me, Gungan says she won't let you go shopping with Mohan alone, even then there is Gungan. Gangan goes and says that I will go shopping too, I also.

 want to go to Bihar, so take me with you too. Who is Damani says that this Gungan is trying to go with us without thinking. Damani says to Gungan that no son you can't go with us now. Gungan says why can't I go now I want to go to Bihar now. If he is going with you, then he should take me with him, what is the spice in this? Mohan says ok, what is going on, Gar Gungan, his heart is dying to go, so we.

are taking him with us. Gungan goes along with them and Gungan goes with them. Damini is very

angry. Damini doesn't say anything. Damini stays silent with them. Do I have to teach Gungan also what has happened to me today? Damani says that I will not do anything with Gungan now and ISI time. They do it, they come to spring from shopping, as if they are living in a house, they use Gungan.

 as if they are alive, they use Gungan, they bow down to the edge of the cart, they use Gungan. Mohan Damani starts scolding Mohan Damani and says that you can't take care of Gungan. Gungan happened to you, so you should take care of her. She is a girl. Mohan insults Damani a lot. Gungan is happy and says that.

 I know that Damini pushed me with her hand, I am saved, but Damini has been insulted. Gungan is very happy. Gungan says look what I am doing to you Damini I will never make you successful in your intentions. Hello, Damani gets lost in her own way, whatever she tries to do, everything backfires.

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