Radha Mohan today 22 Jan episode online hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai Damani tries to get away from Himisha Mohan and Radha.  Damani says the same thing to Rahul. Rahul does the same. Rahul becomes his brother Mohan's enemy. He doesn't like Radha either. Rahul says that both Mohan and Radha are my

enemies. Rahul's sister.

 Katki says to Rahul, "What are you doing?"  It's done, you love Mohan a lot and you never bring Mohan, Katki says you are doing all this on Damini's request, you know Damini is not true to us, she wants our brown and  You are supporting Damini. Katki says to Rahul that you are doing wrong. She says to Rahul.

 that you don't know how much Mohan loves us all and Radha also loves us all.  Mind you, Radha also loves us very much, Radha thinks outside of us, she thinks inside our house, and Radha is a good thing about our house. She says to Rahul that you are wrong to support Damini.  She says you are doing the same to whom .

 she says that there is still time, you should be with Damani. She understands Rahul and Rahul agrees.  I used to do what Damini told me, but now I understand what Damini is using me for. I know that Damini is using me to get Mohan.  What did I do wrong with Mohan and Radha? Rahul Katki says that no one in the house should know.

 that now I am not supporting Damini. Rahul says that now I have to do whatever Damini does.  is called  Eggy man, I will turn everything upside down and Damini will think that I am supporting her.  Damani doesn't know that Rahul doesn't want to support me now. Damani goes to Rahul. Damani says to Rahul.

that we have to do anything to get Radha out of the house. Rahul says it's a matter of what you say.  Rahul starts lying to Damani. Damani says that we will blame Radha

for theft. We will say that Radha has not stolen our jewels.  As you say, I will do the same, even then Damani moves her jewelry and Damani makes noise in the house. Damani tells all the family members.

 that someone has stolen my jewelry.  My jewels have been stolen away from us, you say that you saw Radha stealing the jewels, Damini is behind her plan, all the family members.  She tells him that my gods have been stolen. Rahul goes to Rahul with Damani's jewels and they go. Rahul reverses Damani's plan. Rahul takes Damani's jewels and. 

goes. Rahul tells Damani that someone has stolen your jewels.  They say to Damani, "Look, now your jewels are in your room and you are all the family members. All the family members start telling Damini what happened after seeing Rahul.  Damini gets very confused, what happened to Rahul, 

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