Radha Mohan today Jan 28 th full Episode hd

 In the serial Radha Mohan Zee TV you guys are going to see when Radha starts going from house to house with Gungan then Damini also goes after Radha because Damini has already done all the planning to kill Gungan.  is doing  Why does Gangan not like Damani at all and whenever Damani starts going to Mohan's crib, Gangan.

 goes to Damani's side.  Damani messes up Gungan's school bus which causes Karan Gungan to face huge music before writing that you guys will also leave Radha and Mohan together in the school bus.  Even then Mohan says to Radha you too go with Gungan, Gungan, she is .

bored alone, Jee Haan friends, Gungan requests Arada, you come with me.  Mohan's mood gets very bad. Mohan sees Gungan sitting and says to Radha, "You have not done well by convincing Gungan, man, she is a little girl. If you stay like this, you can go away for a while. Yes, friends.  Radha also listens to Mohan .

 and gets ready to go with Gangan, and Damani, who is standing at a distance, realizes that Gungan is not alone.  Radha is also there and Damini becomes very happy. Seeing Damini happy, Mohan's mother is very worried and says to Damini that what is causing so much happiness, then she lies about Mohan's death and my.

 The story is engagement with use and I am very happy but still Mohan's mother doesn't like Damini

and heart says in her heart that Damini is doing something upside down which is not visible even when she is not happy.  There is some problem, Lam is created, Rohit is asking if anything.

 like this happens today, because today Radha is also not in the house and Gungan is not in the house. I am alone in the house.  And Gangankar goes to the room and it's good to see his mother, what happened, still Mohan says to Mohan, son, nothing, I was missing Gungan.

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