Radha Mohan today 25 jan full Episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Damini says I have to become good in the eyes of all the family members.  Damani says that now I will do what I have never seen with Radha. Damani says that I will take care of all the family very well.  Han Damani says that I will love Gungan too much, I want to be.

 good in the eyes of all family members. Gungan hears all these things. Gungan is listening to all Damani's words.  Even now I see Damani, how good you are in the eyes of all the family members. Gungan says that I am the opposite in the eyes of all the family members. Radha is working in the catch.  Kar puts warm oil.

 on Radha's hand, Radha's hand gets burnt.  Gungan says I know what Damini is all about, Damini must have burned Radha's hand by being alone. Gungan says I will not let Damini succeed in her intentions, use what Damini doesn't want to do.  dungi Subah Subah Damini goes to.

 the kitchen even then per Gungan A goes there Gungan says to Damini what are you all doing in the kitchen today you don't do housework so why are you in the kitchen today  Gungan is talking very nicely to Damani. She is talking to Damani lovingly. Damani is upset after seeing this story of Gungan.  Koo says that from .

 today I will talk to you only with love. Gungan says to Damani that I am making pasta for you with my own hand. Then Gungan says to Damani what happened to you.  Damini says that I have realized my mistake. Damini says to Gungan that please forgive me, Gungan.  Ganta is acting most everything Damini also makes.

 breakfast for all the family and also makes pasta for Gungan Damini leaves the kitchen after doing all this Gungan adds a lot of salt to the food Why not me?  Hai ini ko Uske iradon Mein Kabhi Bhi Kamyab Nahin Hone Dungi Gungun Bahut Sara Namak milati Hai Sab Khane.

Ki Table per Baith Jaate Hai Damini Bhari Khushi Se Vah Khana Table per

Lagati Hai Damini Sab Gharwalon Ko Kah Rahi Hotie Aapon hai made breakfast for logon  All the family members become very happy. All the family members say to Damani that it is very good that you are doing.

 housework. It is very good for you.  The man says to Damani, what is all this, Damani, you don't even know how to eat, have you never worked in the kitchen?  Damini is thinking that Mohan's love has increased and Radha says that it is too much.  She cooks good food.

 and her hand also says ut pasand hai Mohan Ki Man Sab Gharwalon Ke Samne Radha ki Tarif kar Rahi Hoti Hai Vah Kahati Hai Ke Radha Ghar Ka Kam Bahut Achite Tarike Se Kar Leti Hai Radha ko Ghar Bhi Bahut Ache.  Se Sambhallna Ata Hai Sab Kuchh Dakar has been there. Damini says 

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