Radha Mohan today 25 October full Episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai Damani wants to get away from Mohan and Radha and she always plans some or the other to get rid of Undone and she always fails in her plan.  Why does this always happen to me? Damani says I like Mohan and I wanted to marry Mohan.  She says I am not married to.

 Mohan and now I can't bear all this. Damani says I can't bear Radha with Mohan.  Damani says that now I have endured a lot, now only Mohan is mine and I will stay to get Mohan.  Hai Gungan always foils my plan, Damini says I can never do anything with.

 Radha, with Sarf Gungan's voice, I can do anything.  Rahul's time to teach her not to do it and to get rid of Mohan is late. Damini takes Rahul as her own. Very soon Rahul realizes that Damini is wrong. Rahul says that Damini is thinking about Rahul in her nakedness.  Damini says that she is using me to reach Mohan. Rahul.

 says that now I know the whole truth about Damini. Damini is using me. Rahul says that now I will not support Damini. I am crazy about Damini.  Pin says I now know that Mohan is my brother and how much he loves me. Rahul says I have realized my street. Rahul says that till today I have talked with Radha and .

 Mohan.  Is.  galat does rahul realize his mistake rahul goes to radha and mohan and apologizes to them rahul says forgive me till date everything i have done to you is not what damani said.  but does  I thought all of you wrong because what Damani used to see and I used to see everything. Rahul apologizes to everyone. Damani.

 is very angry that Rahul will realize his mistake. Now Rahul is my marriage.  Damani says that Rahul has betrayed me, now Rahul doesn't believe anything Damani says.  Damani says that Damani says that what happened first was that Radha is now with Rahul and Radha is with him.  Rahul has gone to tell all the family.

 members that now marry me too, now I also want to take my own clothes.  Do it, I also want to live my life as Mohan's star. All the family members are happy with Rahul's decision.  You are saying that now we will be marrying you too, that we will see a girl for you very soon. All the family members are very happy.  Hain.

 Mohan's men talk to Rahul about the relationship-making opponent.  She talks about the relationship. She shows a picture of a girl who is opposite to the relationship. Rahul likes Larki, so all the family members go to his house to see Larki. They take Rishti and go to their house. Radha is very happy.  w ale bahut khush hote hain.

 Damini ine Sab Logon Ko Khush Dekhkar Gussa Ho Rahi Hoti Hai Damini Kahati Hai Kuchh Bhi Ho Jaaye Man Yah Rishta Nahin Hone Dungi Damini Kahati Hai Ki Main is Ghar Mein Khushiyan Nahin Ane Dungi Damini 

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