Radha Mohan today 26 Oct Episode hd

 In the serial Radha Mohan Zee TV, you are going to see the log. Damani has succeeded in his plan.  .  Radha uses it more and reads it because when Radha sees her talking to Damani, Radha gets to know everything but Bachon's voice silences Radha.  She gets serious and says to her.

 Mohan, whatever the call was, it was not true at all, because you have used Radha's wish, friends, from now on, Mohan also tells his mothe Kadu to me.  It seems we have done something wrong with Radha which we didn't want to do but Kadu knows everything in Radha's nude.

 because Kadu is heavenly Radha loves Mohan but because of talking to Mohan.  Damini has blackmailed Kadu and said to Kadu if you said anything to Mohan I will do anything to pin Mohan on you your son Mohan chhen longi kayunki if Mohan not me.  You will

take it, but knowing.

 all this, Kadu is going to talk to Mohan about Radha's evil, then Damani's mother stops Kadu and says to Kadu, where are you going, don't do anything you want to do.  pade Kyunki Damini Pahle hi Kafi upset Hai Radha Ko Lekar Kyunki Radha Aur Gungun Ne Damini Ke Sath Jo Kuchh Bhi.

 Kiya Hai Use Damini ka Bahut Dil Tota hai Lekin Damini Ne Tumse Aisa Kuchh Nahin Kaha Lekin Ab Main Tumhen Ah Batah Kya don't even do that  Damani will feel very bad if this happens, Damani will do something, the sound of which will haunt you for the rest of your life.  Dostan.

 listens to Damani's mother's talk and sometimes from his own life.  Kah rahi hai Jeehan Dostun Kadu says to Mohan you stay hidden you call Gungan I have to talk to Gungan because I forgot to talk to Gungan Jeehan Dostun Mohan hears Mohan’s talk La Gungan de call  But.

 Gungan doesn't contact and Mohan gets very nervous and says to his friend Shikhar today my heart is very worried ok I am trying to contact Gungan but we can't get through.

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