Radha Mohan today 20 th full. Episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Himisha Damini wants to separate Mohan and Radha and this time she also does something that will make Radha Mohan separated. Goes and wants to make us friends, then Gungan also makes her a friend, so Damini gets Gungan ready

and takes her to school and.

 comes back and tells her mother that now I will do something like this with Gungan, we have to get along well. She has just gone to school, as soon as she comes back, she will go to the kitchen and turn on the gas and send Gungan to the kitchen on some pretext. She opens it and Bihar goes again and the skirt starts slipping.

 and says to Gungan, go get me some water. Gungan starts going to the kitchen, then Keitki goes there and stops Gungan and says I will bring it. Damini says you stop, Gungan, you are going to get water for me, Ketki says I will bring water, as soon as I go to the kitchen, Katki smells gas. It starts coming and she starts coughing.

 and she faints in the kitchen. There is a smell of gas in the house, so all the family go to the kitchen. When they see, there is a lot of gas in the kitchen and they They also see that Katki is unconscious. All the family members bring Katki from the kitchen and turn off the gas. All the family.

 members try to lift Katki. I don't think so. When they talk to the doctor, the doctor comes and checks her up, then she regains consciousness. The doctor says that I am writing a claim and will give it on time. The doctor leaves. How did Katki say it all happened with D Amini's voice Damini Nee did everything to kill Gungan.

when she was telling her

Min I heard everything if I hadn't heard then Gungan would have been awake. Fe Hoti Radha gives all this and says that you have the courage to do all this with my daughter. Along with Damani, Man leaves Mohan out of the house. Don Man's daughter starts pretending that we will never.

 do this. Mohan leaves them out of the house. Until today, I have forgiven all the mistakes you have made, but this time I will not forgive you because you wanted to kill my daughter. Shi ki hai if no one killed my daughter ever Damini does not succeed in her intentions to use Chowranga in the end Damani leaves the house Hamisha's tirade Damini loses and Radha wins.

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