Radha Mohan today 21 jan full episode hd

Radha Mohan Zee TV mein.

 happened, you are so busy?"  Rahul gets very sad to see Gangan, Rahul says to Gangan what happened, tell me why you are here and why in the world, that gangster gets scared seeing Gangan crying.  But Gungan is very busy, Gungan is not telling, she is telling lies, she is crying to Gungan that I just wanted.

 to sleep and there was no way to sleep alone with me, Gungan.  Gun says to Rahul that I want to go with you to your room, I don't sleep here. Rahul says to Gungun that you are in my work.  Sath Le Jata Hai Gunda Gungun Ko Nahin Mar Sakta Ab Gungun Raul ke Kamre Mein Chali Jaati Hai vah Gunda Damini ko.

 phone karta hai kahta Hai Ki Main Tum That Gungun has now gone to his room and now I can't kill him.  Ganda Damani says that it is a very good thing that I survived today, he did not take my name, fire is my name, I will also tell your name to all the family members.  Koo says that if you don't do my work, get out.

 of there now and isi time. If you take it in the house, then no, bahut bari musibat a Jayeg, that goon runs away from there and scolds Damini.  Damani says that Gungan is always the only one who saved Gangan, but nothing happened to Gungan.  Damini wants to have sex with Nigan. Damani says that after doing anything, Gungan.

 will have to leave the house. I can't bear Gungan anymore. Tab says why does this always happen to me whenever I want to do something.  Gungan is thinking that I have to tell Radha the truth that all this happened to me at night.  Hey Gungan says I think I don't want to tell.

Radha, Radha gets so worried, Radha is too worried for me anyway, Gungan says I don't want to

tell Radha, Gungan tells Damani that  What do you think, I won't know anything. Gungan says I know everything, but you didn't try to kill me at night.  What are you saying, why will I do this to you, why will I try to kill you, Gungan.

 says I have come to know everything, you sent the goon that night, I don't know why I was talking to you.  So I was listening to everything, I knew that you are doing all this. This is a shame. Damani is very upset.  I didn't tell you the truth but if you try to kill me again or try to kill me, I will throw you out of the house.

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