Radha Mohan today 22 jan full episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Mein Yeh Hawa Hai Damani tries to get rid of Mohan and Radha Don. Hamisha saves Gungan, my plan fails, Damani says I won't let this happen, I will be successful in my plan and I will stay to get rid of these two. Until I remove these two, I am not comfortable in the day. Bethungi Damani.

 says that I will be good in the eyes of all the family members. Damani says that I have to make my family proud. First of all, I have to make my way to all the family members. Damini is going to Bihar for some work. Damini has an accident. Ko phone karke tells and all the family members.

 reach the hospital. All the family members know that Damani is the enemy of the house, but still they are very worried by the voice of Damani. Damani's accident has happened. They are praying for Damini, they are praying for Damini. Radha is also very good. Radha also cares.

 a lot about her enemies. Radha also cares a lot about her enemies. All family go to Damani they are taking good care of Damani and they are very good to Damini and they are very good to Damani Damani is fed up seeing this Damani says that now everyone My family has gone to me and they are starting to worry.

 about me. Damini is someone. I don't even have to do anything. They take her home, all the family members are very happy with Damani. Do you know that Damani is attracted to all the family members? Gungan can't see what is happening. Gungan says I will never let all the family members be Damini. Gungan.

says I have to do anything to stop what is happening. Gungan says I plan to do this. It will be done and Damani will do what she wants. Gungan goes to Radha. Gungan says to Radha, Radha, what are you doing? Samaj Rahi Ki Damini is doing all this on purpose. Damini wants to favor all the family members. Damani.

 can't do all this. Gungan tries to convince Radha, but she doesn't agree with Radha. Damani says to Gungan, "You can see what I will do next." You are nothing. Damani says why don't I take my pure revenge from all the family members. All of them are listening to my words, when I got well, they don't even like me, so they.

 don't even want to talk to me. There is always some one or the other doing formesh and everyone in the family calls her to complete the formesh. Damani also tells Radha to do a lot of work. I am trying to understand, but no one is understanding my words. Tawaf takes its turn..

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