Radha Mohan today 29 Oct full episode hd

 What happened in the drama serial Radha Mohan, Damini is still trying to get rid of Mohan and Radha. I was crying, I will stay away from both of them. Damani is still waiting for Mohan. Damani says that I will marry only Mohan. As long as Damini stays in the house, she will not let Mohan and Radha Don become one, she will always try to keep UN Don away. Now I can't bear Damini

in the house anymore. Mohan's maan says that as long as Damini is.

 in the house, there is no happiness in the house. She says that I have nothing against Damini. She says that we both have to get Damini out of the house. Mohan's love tells Radha that Radha, now you understand that as long as Damini is in the house, you and Mohan. You can never be happy, Damini will never let you both.

 be happy. Mohan's heart says to Radha that you have to think about something in Hamin Damani's nakedness. Mohan's heart and Radha both start thinking, they say that what should we do with her, even then Mohan's mind comes to mind. Mohan's man says to Radha that we are all family members. Who says that Damani wants to get married, how long will.

 Damani stay like this in the house, Mohan's Maan says that we will tell Damani that now you want to get married, we will tell some relatives Mohan's Maan. She says that Mohan's mind will not even be ready to marry. She says that Damini will never be ready to do this. When we start forcing all this with Damini, Damini.

 will leave this house alone, Radha. We are together, we want to do the same, even then Mohan's Maan says to all the family that I have made a decision. Now we don't want to marry Damini, no matter how long Damini stays like this in the house, Damini should think about her life now. Yes, there is no objection to your.

 special, when Dabni hears this, ko bahut gussa ata hai, Damani says this can't be all. Damani says I can't marry anyone else except Mohan. Damani says that I will never marry anyone else. Mohan's lover says that I have called some relatives, so they are staying today. Damani is very angry to see Damani. Radha.

 goes to Damani. Radha says to Damani that you should get ready in the evening. I have been alone to see you. Damani gets very angry. Damani says to Radha. You are doing all this on purpose. Damani says I will never see you from home, I will keep you and Mohan away. You don't know that this is not the time to tell everything. I am crying at Etna. Radha says.

 I know you need to do something. Radha says I know you don't want this relationship. I will keep my eye on you and I will not let you do anything. Radha says that it is good that you have to do something, don't even try. If you have something to do, what will I do with you? Damani starts crying Damani.

 says what should I do now Damani says I will not have this relationship under any circumstances Damani says I have the strength not to marry him what are they trying to do I am not doing all this. Dongi Damani says they are doing all this. Relatives go, all family members are happy. She tries that this relationship does not happen, but none.

 of her efforts succeed. She fails in her intentions. Damini gets a relationship. Damani starts crying and says my relationship is done, this marriage will never happen to me. Damani says I won't win Radha so easily. Damani says I won't ask for anything so quickly. Damani says I will get Mohan. Mani is.


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